January 26, 2022


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Audioshake says that its AI-powered stem separation technologies is “the finest in the industry”


Overlook mixing, or even remixing – in 2021 it’s all about demixing/unmixing. Alright, we’re staying glib, but the fact is that know-how that can ‘break apart’ mixed tracks and give you their personal stems is now turning into huge enterprise.

The newest participant in the recreation is Audioshake, an AI-powered platform that claims to “open up your music”. 

The entire procedure is completely automated – just upload a file, find the stems you want and allow Audioshake go to get the job done. You are then offered with the individual stems on a DAW-type interface.

Of class, we’ve found identical performance ahead of, but Audioshake thinks that its know-how is “the very best in the industry,” and that it “significantly outperforms all other offerings”.

As things stand, Audioshake cannot be used by just everyone – it’s at the moment functioning with rights holders who could possibly not have obtain to a track’s primary stems, and suggests it’s not going to support men and women to “rip-off” other artists’ function.

Talking to our sister web-site TechRadar, Audioshake co-founder Jessica Powell mentioned: “[We] definitely desired to make absolutely sure that we revered the artist’s wishes. If they want to split open up their songs and uncover these new approaches to monetize them, we want to be there to help them do that. And if they are not amazing with that, we’re not going to be the ones helping a person to split open up their work without permission”

“Take Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. We’re not just going to go and pop out a sunflower if you really don’t want us to.”

Uncover out a lot more on the Audioshake website.

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