July 24, 2021


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SEO Backlink Strategy for Small Businesses

Backlinks, nowadays, is one of the most important SEO strategies there is. It’s one of...
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Backlinks, nowadays, is one of the most important SEO strategies there is. It’s one of the most influential SERP ranking signals as well. But the main question is, does a small business need a backlink strategy?

The answer is yes. But you need to be careful about it as backlinks are a demonstration of what kind of crowd you hang around with. In simple words it means, you can either gain trust from the customers or lose it depending on the quality of your backlink, especially if you are new in the game.

Working on a moderate amount of respected and high-authority links is much better than getting a load of spammy links. It will certainly differentiate your website’s reputation in Google’s eyes.  Google monitors everything, so it’s a give that this popular search engine will also monitor the quality of the backlinks as well.

Along with that, spammy backlinks won’t actually help you improve your SEO ranking with time. But if you are planning to hire seo freelancer, they will already know all about it and only work towards growing the backlinks strategy slowly and tactically.

A Good Backlink Plan Will Aid In Brand-Building

Your website would be the representative of your business, hence, ensuring that it’s perceived well by your client, potential partners and investors should be your main motto. And backlinks are seen as a vote of confidence from peers with their own reputation in the field. So, did you get the importance of having a high-authority link and not just any spammy ones? The whole process of building a backlink will take time, especially because you are a small business. And to guide you, we have listed all the important stages of a solid backlink strategy.

5 Ways to Build an Irreplaceable Backlink Strategy

A Fitting Influencer

What your business is about? What you have to offer? And which business would be telling others about you? All these questions will help you determine choosing your business’s influencers. For example, if you sell jewelry, you should get a backlink from a fashion blog or website. If you own a baking store, you should pair up with a coffee shop. Did you see the resemblance? The main challenge would be to convince them. Well, that will depend on your communication skill.

Get Help from Competitors

It’s understandable to get confused by the hardship of building a backlink strategy. So if you are having the same difficulty, you can always take the guidance of your competitors. By checking out who they are linked with, you can either target the same business or find others in the same domain. Do make sure that you are not linking with a business of the same size as you. Pick a company that’s bigger and more influential than you. Making long-term networking goals would get better this way for you.

Who’s Linked To You?

While you are searching for the appropriate companies to get linked with, learn about the businesses that are linked to you. Use the free analysis tool that is available online, MOZ provide such a tool so you can use that. This way, you can learn your domain authority score which will be provided by scanning the number of links related to you. You can also learn about the link’s quality. And if you want to make any changes or get more authentic business to get linked, you can hire seo specialist to get it done.

Answer some Questions

One of the best ways to get as many links as you can is by advertising your business online. And a site like Reddit and Quora will help you do that profoundly. There are several topics that the users post on these sites and after searching for the right term you can find the related topics to your business.

The best thing about this strategy is, the whole process is free of cost. Anyone can get involved just by registering to the sites and then post the external resources and links to the user questions. You should also conduct a search to identify the related forums. This will also give a lot of data in the form of questions that your potential clients are asking. All in all, it will help you build your domain naturally.

Developing Optimized Content

One of the main ways to get healthy backlinks is by creating alluring content. And by looking at the current demand for SEO-optimized content, you will not have much difficulty getting backlinks through it. But not all content will help in link building, for it, you will have to focus on a certain type f content.

Here are some of the points of link-bait content:

  • In-depth analysis
  • Original research
  • Unique data
  • Case studies
  • Captivating images/graphics
  • Surveys

You need to keep in mind to not only make the content for engaging the readers but business with who you want to get links from. If you are able to create content and hire professional seo expert to optimize it properly that can be used as a reference by your other businesses. And doing so would draw high-authority links from influenced websites and blogs.

There you have it, all the vital points that will aid in improving your backlink strategy in no time. Do share your thoughts on it, especially if it has been of use to you.