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14 Benefits Of Local SEO That May Change Your Mindset

14 Benefits Of Local SEO That May Change Your Mindset


Form all google searches, 46% are searching for local services online. But the statistics are dramatically different when it comes to Mobile device searchers. Surprisingly, 88% of people are looking for local services on google! So, you can measure how many potential customers are out there!

 Before jumping into the Benefits of Local SEO we need to know about What is local SEO and How it works. So, let’s make it home!

What is local SEO?

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process to appear your local business on google search engine results and other search engines to ensure your visibility when a searcher looking for services you provide near to his/her physical location. 

For example, Suppose you are a lawyer in London and your site is optimized with local SEO techniques to appear in Maps or Google search results. When someone searching on google for ” best lawyer London” or, “best lawyer near me” your site will pop up with no further delay. 

Though it sounds complicated theoretically, but local SEO is simply combination of tactics for improving online visibility to generate more leads and sales.

There are several tactics that we can follow to improve online visibility. Basically, we have to make Google understand that your business is possibly the best option to show at the top on the search engine results for some specific keywords.

Local SEO tends to work by including your geographic information in a search engine listing, making it easier for customers to find your business based on their location.

Why Does Local SEO Matter?

14 Benefits Of Local SEO That May Change Your Mindset

The most powerful reason to invest in local SEO is, it’s becoming growingly prominent to encounter more traffic that converts into money.

Searches for keywords containing “near me” is increasing rapidly. In google trends we have discovered that people are searching for keywords that have “near me” has increased by 304% from 2017 to now. And it’s a worldwide explosion. 

So, it’s confirm that people are searching for not only product or services they want, but also they are looking for products and services provider in their local area. 

And there lies the opportunity for the small business owners. Let’s discuss more about this…

Why Should Small Businesses Use Local SEO?

Online shopping is at its best and the merchants like amazon are holding most of it. But local people need local services and products and that will hardly be replaced. 

For example, if a resident of New York needs plumbing service. The searchers’ intent will be like “plumbers near me” And google will show them a bunch of nearby businesses who provide plumbing services in searchers locality.

For this reason, there is a huge opportunity for small business owners to showcase what they offer with the help of local SEO!

Don’t forget google maps, it helps local business owner to list their business in google business profile to show up their online presence.

What Are The Benefits of Local SEO?

In this situation where online shopping is becoming everyone’s first choice, there is a space for local businesses to contribute to the show! Since there are demands for local products and services, discussed earlier, the advantages of local SEO are plus to get started with it!

It’s time to know about 15 Local SEO Benefits that will give some reason to bring your business online…

1. Increase Your Online Visibility 

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We all know that the goal of local SEO is converting more customers. But you have to ensure that, local people are conscious of the online existence of your business.

Just imagine, you’re searching for a dentist or lawyer near to physical location. Remember that people in your locality also need these products and services. It means every single person is a local business opportunity.

Now when someone is searching for your type of business from your service area, they are going to see your business and you will get some organic traffic. But before that, you have to rank for the specific search query (e.g., a best dental clinic near me or, best dental clinic in Sydney) the searcher is looking for.

 It’s clear that Local SEO will increase your online visibility to gain more potential customers. You just need a proper SEO strategy for that. A Local SEO strategy will show you the path to rank for search queries related to your business.

2. Get Convertible traffic

The primary goal of SEO is to bring traffic to the website. But in local SEO the scenario is completely different. The local search engine optimization strategy focuses more on getting relevant organic traffic. 

Now the question is what is more important to focus on, get relevant traffic or big amount of traffic? 

Definitely relevant traffic because it will be converted to customers. The people visit your website because they are interested in whatever product you sell or services you provide near to their residential area. And that’s the magic of local SEO to bring convertible traffic.

So, the biggest benefits of local SEO are you are getting convertible traffic from your locality or the area you serve. 

3. Build Community

The importance of building community online can’t be denied. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook play an important role there. The presence of social media significantly affects SEO rankings in local SEO. You can talk about local cultures along with the services and products you have. Engaging with local people on regular basis also helps to build a community.

If you are able to build a community through Local SEO then you will gain loyal customers. Loyal customers are important because they only buy, but also refer. 

The opportunity didn’t end there, you can also sponsor some local contests or cultural programs to ensure bonding with local people. This will help you to get the vast majority of market sales in your area.

4. Gain Trust and Authority

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There is a tendency among consumers that higher-ranked businesses for specific search terms authorized by Google and for this reason, these businesses are more trustworthy. 

With the help of local SEO strategy, your business can be found Top-ranked on google for relevant searches. 

Online reviews on Google business profile and on other listings will help you to gain more authority and trustworthiness. 

Top placement on search result pages will inspire your consumers to trust your business without any doubt in their minds. And this is the another top local SEO benefit to improve your brand loyalty and rise you return on investment.

5. Compete with local businesses

If you’re using Local SEO you will get the benefit to stay competitive with nearby businesses. 

Whenever someone is in your area looking for businesses like you
rs, then they will discover your business on their device along with your neighbor businesses. So, it’s an amazing opportunity to stand out among many other businesses alike.

Here’s a trick to rank better than your competitors, statistics shows that only 17% of businesses take SEO services. 

As a result, if you buy an SEO service the chances to top-rank for online searches relevant to your business will be higher compared to your nearby competitors. 

However, if you aren’t adopting local SEO, you’re leaving the playground for your competitor to goal in the empty field.

Despite offering a better or the same product at a cheaper price compared to your competitors, you may keep losing out on nearby customers.. Customers who shop on their smartphones have a limited attention span. So, if you don’t hit quickly, you’re unlikely to hit at all.

6. Appear in Google 3-pack

When someone searching local product or service google displays the top three business matches the search query is known as Google 3-pack.

Google 3-pack appears when local intent is detected. Local intents are detected when phrases and words like near me, shop, repair, wash or names of cities and towns are added to any search term.

These results are shown from the Google business profile listing. Google map appears above of the 3 business listing based on the searcher’s location. 

If you have submitted your business on google business profile. You can check your business visibility on 3-pack by searching for queries relevant to your business. If it isn’t displayed, you can find it by clicking view all button below top three results. 

Users can see information like online reviews, location, contact number, opening and closing hours along with the name of all three business.  

To grab the advantages of Google three pack then you have to optimize your business with local SEO techniques. 

7. Get Online Reviews form locals

If you get the best product you desired, won’t you recommend the business? On the other hand for providing the bad one, won’t you complain?

Local people wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a good product and criticize the bad one!

If someone is looking local business and discovers reviews form other locals on a product. They’re straightforward going to buy it with no question in mind. If they find it good they will recommend to others in the community.  

These online reviews will help you to take a seat on Google 3-pack. Nowadays customer’s are more likely to trust on online reviews then personal recommendations. 

When someone leaves a review on your business listing like Google business profile, Yelp, etc. and you respond instantly, it helps you to improve SEO rankings higher and online reputation.

8. Opportunity of returning Customers 

Through local SEO you can capture a wide range of shoppers. Providing additional services to customers is great opportunity to convert them form one time to long-term customers. 

Returning customers are valuable because they not only shop form you but also recommend others. 

However, you have to ensure the best quality products and services to acquire returning customers. This will help you to get more reviews on your Google business profile page and on other business listings. As a result you will get more returning customers than your competitors.

It’s the another huge benefit of local SEO that helps business owner building a long-term relationship with customers.

9. Boost your sales

As a result, if you want to bring in customers who are ready to buy, investing in local SEO is necessary.

Amazingly, 81% people research online before purchasing a product(Form Fundera). You can interact with these shoppers by creating relevant content. High quality relevant content will decrease bounce rate and ensure high conversion rate. 

This engaging content will help you to build trustworthiness and while they trust you they will shop whatever you offer. 

Another huge benefit of local SEO is, it opens the window to come relevant traffic. You will experience the miracle of relevant traffic seeing the boost of sales. 

So, the pick from this point is you have to provide relevant content to invite customer to conduct pre-purchase research. 

10. Helps Reduce Ads Costs

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People are adopting technologies like voice search in their daily life. To find out best restaurant, someone can say “ok google, find out best Italian restaurant near me” on the go. 

More than 8 out of 10 mobile search use near me to find out the business they are looking for. So, it’s a great opportunity that you can’t leave. 

With the power of local search engine optimization, if you manage to rank top of SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). In that persona, you don’t need to invest money in ads campaign reaching targeted audience. 

And the most satisfying thing is, local SEO is more cost-efficient and ensure higher ROI in foreseeable future compared to advertising to ensure your appearance in front of local searchers.

11. Ensure Presence in Local Business Directories

Local SEO confirms the appearance of your business on local business directories. Local directories are valuable because local people search out products and services there and share their feedback about businesses. 

Presence in local business directories helps in building trust and credibility. Proper maintenance of NAP(Name, Address, Phone number) consistency, while submitting business in local directories, will boost up your SEO rankings organically.

Submitting your business information to directories such as Google business profile, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, and others, is a terrific method to increase your visibility as local business.

12. Get Connected with Nearby Businesses 

After optimizing your business with Local SEO, you will discover your business in a competitive arena. This will open the door to collaborate with other local businesses. 

For instance, a local business might want to tie its products and services with neighborhood businesses. Credit goes to Local SEO, they can reach you instantly because you’re listed in local business directories.

You shouldn’t be surprised if someone discusses about your business on social media. And this kind of mention and discussion will generate more sales through referrals. 

13. Show up on mobile searches

Surprisingly, 60% of searches is happening from mobile devices of the all online search. (fromHitwise

For this reason, your business needs to be discoverable in mobile searches by optimizing with local SEO to make more profit. It’s a great marketing effort to get noticed by these mobile searchers who are pre-researching to buy.

However, another reason to optimize your local marketing strategies for the mobile user is the geo-location facility. As a result, your business will be noticed by surrounding people, in spite of not being local. 

The fascinating fact is, mobile optimization remarkably affects local search engine rankings. And you won’t find any local SEO strategy without the inclusion of mobile-friendly offers. 

Are you ready to reach nearby consumers who are looking for something similar you offer? Local SEO will really help yo
u to get these customers in your pocket.

14. Update Customers about business

As an small business owner it’s important informing business updates to customers.

Suppose one of your customers don’t know your business is closed. What will happen? They will find another shop for their needs. 

But with the help of local SEO, you can update any business information like opening or closing time, business location, etc. immediately on the Google business profile page or on your websites. 

Informing business updates to consumers will create a long-term relationship that will help you get sales through referrals and reviews.


Local SEO makes your service’s website discovered when someone is looking for services you provide in their location. The core difference in SEO and Local SEO is just indicating a geographical location or not!

We can’t deny the benefits of local SEO we get to boost small business. Advantages like online visibility, trustworthiness, reputation, gaining returned customers, reducing advertising cost will definitely help you to remain one-step ahead of your competitors.

Make your investment secure by adopting a Local SEO Service and be a leader on local market.


Why local businesses need online reviews?

Online reviews play a huge role in how consumers make decisions when it comes time to buy something locally.

In fact, according to research conducted by Yelp, more than half of people who read online reviews decide whether or not to visit a place based solely off those reviews.

And if you think that sounds crazy, consider this: A study published in The Journal of Consumer Research found that people were willing to spend up to $3 extra per item just because they’d seen positive feedback!

Why do you need Google Business Profile?

Why not just create an account on Google Places instead?

Google Places was previously called Google Plus Local, and while it still exists, it’s now largely replaced by Google business Profile. The main difference between them is that Google Places allows anyone to add their businesses to its database, whereas only verified accounts appear in Google business. This means that if someone searches for something specific to your area, they may find listings for other businesses first before finding yours.

What Is SEO Used For?

SEO is a marketing strategy used to increase traffic and visibility on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo! Search Engine Optimization can be defined as using specific techniques to help your website rank higher in organic searches. The goal of this process is to get more visitors to your site from relevant keywords so you can convert them into customers.

Why Should You Use It?

There are several reasons why you should use it:

What’s the Future of Local SEO?

Local SEO has been around since 1996. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, I think we’re seeing some pretty significant shifts in how people use mobile devices and where they spend most of their time online.

I believe these trends will continue to impact local SEO moving forward.

The biggest shift right now is probably the rise of voice searches. This means that users can ask questions directly through their phones or computers without having to type anything into a keyboard.

Who Won’t Benefit from Local SEO?

There are some industries where local SEO doesn’t make sense. For example, I would never recommend targeting real estate agents as part of your local SEO strategy.

Why not? Because realtors aren’t typically located at any specific physical addresses. Instead, they work remotely, so having a Who listing Won’t online Benefit isn’t from really Local useful.

Why should you consider local SEO?

Remember, local SEO helps you appear for relevant searches on Google and other search engines.

What information do I need to list my business?

Your GBP (Previously GMB) listing will list the information that’s relevant to your business, including your: Business name Address/directions Website Business hours Customer reviews Phone number It’s important to keep your GBP listing up-to-date.

Why do you need a search engine?

If you’re not hitting the top of a search page, you’re missing a chance to generate sales.

What is Local SEO?

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can reach those nearby customers.

What if I don’t know your brand?

If people have never heard of your business before, they might never shop from your store.

What content can I create for local SEO?

You can also create location-based content to show local consumers you’re nearby.

Why Boost Your Local SEO Ranking?

Boosting your local SEO ranking can position you ahead of the competition.

How can you turn those visitors into paying customers?

Once they click on your listing, they can get directions to your store.

Why should you choose local SEO?

One of the best benefits of local SEO is its ability to help you reach and attract local customers.

What is Local SEO?

With a local SEO strategy, you can appear in a search when someone looks for your product or service.

What’s the difference between a good content writer and an excellent one?

Instead, you can create content with your ideal customer in mind.

Why should I hire a local SEO expert?

A local SEO strategy can help you attract more people to your brand.

How much can you save by keeping your customers?

In fact, a 2% increase in customer retention can lower costs by as much as 10%.

How do I get fresh reviews?

You’ll need to keep generating reviews from local customers and a lot of them.

What are the benefits of generating reviews?

For example, generating fresh reviews can help you build brand trust and loyalty.

What are the benefits of having multiple reviews?

Businesses that have more than nine current reviews earn 52% more revenue than average.


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