July 18, 2024

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3M Open celebrates science and technology in a fun, interactive way


BLAINE, Minn. — 3M is using the golf tournament at TPC this weekend as an opportunity for all ages to learn more about science.

Over in “Fan Village” near the 18th green, you can find the 3M Science Dome. Inside are several interactive science experiments and robots for kids and adults to take a look at.

One of the top highlights to see is the Boston Dynamics robo-dog named Spot. Spot took a walk around the tournament grounds on Thursday and you would think it was a professional golfer with all the people who were gawking at the Star Wars-like robot.

You can see Spot show off all it’s tricks in the science dome through Sunday. 3M uses Spot at their plant sites to help keep employees safe.

“Spot can go where you humans can’t or probably shouldn’t go,” said Collin Hummel, 3M’s Creative Director, “So humans can focus on the more important parts of work, while Spot is using his senses to ensure that the plant is operating a peak efficiency.”

You can also take yourself to a new universe with the virtual reality headset available for anyone to check out.

Also make sure to look up, and you’ll see a live stream of the 3M Open on a planetarium-like screen on the roof of the dome. It gives visitors a 360-degree view of the course and allows visitors to feel like they’re standing on the green.

Just outside the science dome, you can watch the 18th hole with free VIP seating and the best part is, the seats float above the ground, held up just by tape that can hold up to thousands of pounds.

“Not too hot, a light breeze, not a lot of humidity. If I was golfing, this is the day I’d want to be out here,” said Ted Tyler, who enjoyed the floating chair while watching the tournament. He couldn’t believe 3M tape could hold his weight.

“If I knew that I probably wouldn’t have sat on it,” said Tyler as he laughed.

VHB, or Very High Bond tape, is used on massive industrial structures like airplanes and skyscraper windows. Anyone can take a seat and enjoy some golf.

“This is actually really awesome,” said Tyler.

The 3M Science Dome is the only public space on the tournament grounds that is air conditioned, so make sure to check it out to cool off.

The tournament runs through Sunday.


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