July 18, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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4 Crucial Hubpages SEO Tips For Your Published Web Content

4 Crucial Hubpages SEO Tips For Your Published Web Content

When it comes to Hubpages, SEO is just as important as SEO is on a normal website that you may have. While Hubpages has the trust, authority and good page ranking from Google you should still be doing all on page and off page SEO to ensure that you are getting a good ranking within the search engines. One of the good things though about using Hubpages for your content is that you can generally build quality backlinks at a faster rate than say a website that is only 3 months old.

If you build links on a website that is new at a fast rate you can run the risk of having your website sandboxed by Google, meaning that your website will become de indexed from the search engine. I have been using Hubpages for nearly 2 years now and have tried several strategies to do with link building and affiliate programs I have worked out what works and what doesn’t.

Building backlinks is a crucial aspect to a new website or page if you want to successfully start getting visitors to your pages. The are many other factors though such as on page and off page optimization.

4 Must have Tips are:

1. URL Keywords. That is the keywords that appear in your address to that page. Make sure you can include some keywords you want to rank for in the URL.

2. Title Tags for your pages. Another very important step as Google and the other big search engines will always try and find the most relevant pages to put at the top of the users search.

3. Backlinks from similar and related websites. It is not good to get backlinks from a website about cars for example if your website is about health.

4. Social Media also plays a big part now as Web 2.0 becomes more and more popular. So much Social Media links are shared through ‘word of mouth’ advertising. Share a link that is unique, maybe even controversial and see the reaction it has!