July 14, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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<strong>Amazon FBM: A Guide on pros and Cons </strong>

Amazon FBM: A Guide on pros and Cons 

<strong>Amazon FBM: A Guide on pros and Cons </strong>

What is amazon FBM? We all know the Amazon industry has been booming in the past few years. Millions of sellers do their business on the biggest and most popular marketplace, Amazon. 

Every day, the number of active sellers on Amazon is growing. Due to a lot of competition, selling products on Amazon has become a great source of income. The majority of Amazon sellers use the FBA  to sell their products online. This is known as the Amazon FBM, which surely works better for your business.

This article will tell you about the pros and cons of using Amazon FBM to sell products online. 

What is Amazon FBM 

Amazon FBM means fulfillment by the merchant. Sometimes, it is also known as Amazon MFN ( merchant fulfilled network). Amazon FBM is where the sellers select to ship their products and deliver them to buyers. 

It involves the sellers storing their stock, packing, and shipping the order through Amazon FBM. In short, Amazon FBM is when the seller has control over the entire handling and shipping process. 

Rather than paying the shipping inventory or services fee to Amazon, sellers use their resources to deliver the products to the buyer. 

Pros of Amazon FBM 

Amazon FBMs have come with an array of benefits. Here we give you detail of some benefits of Amazon FBM. 

  1. Fewer fees

The best thing about Amazon fbm is that you only need to pay a few fbm fees. The FBA costs include order fulfillment, monthly storage, handling fees, and more. And these charges are less, which means the sellers can easily be allowed to sell their products online after paying fewer fees. 

  1. Great profits 

Due to fewer fees, Amazon FBM provides many profit margins on every team. If you sell the products online using Amazon FBM, it will be a great chance for you to make huge profits. 

  1. Full control of business

Fulfilling the order itself, in the case of Amazon FBM, provides you complete control over your products and business at all times. It means it is easier for you to track the inventory and maintain your stock accordingly. 

Cons of Amazon FBM

Along with the benefits, Amazon FBM also has some drawbacks for the seller when they use it to sell their products online. 

  1. Time-consuming 

Managing the complete business is not easy. So, if you are using the Amazon FBM, you have to put in the dedicated hours and plan everything earlier, from packing to delivering, which is time-consuming. 

  1. Customer service is not provided 

With FBA, you benefit from expert and trained customer support services that handle customer queries and solve them. But in the case of Amazon FBM, there is no customer service or any type of assistance provided. 


Amazon FBM accounts are a useful and reliable option for many companies that are required to control their fulfillment and make better customer relationships. There are many benefits of using Amazon FBM to sell products online. Hope you understand how much Amazon FBM benefits your online selling business.