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Automated SaaS Crypto-Trading Platform for Quantitative Strategy Developers and Traders

Automated SaaS Crypto-Trading Platform for Quantitative Strategy Developers and Traders

TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leveraging its own containerized StrategyBot Engine Technology, Taiwanese startup Crypto-Arsenal, has developed a cloud-based automated crypto-trading platform for quantitative strategy developers and traders.

“We are aiming at creating values for crypto quant strategy developers to maximize their productivity, allowing their strategies to be monetized, and for daily crypto traders and long-term investors to minimize their effort for strategy adoption and execution, increasing their profitability with less risk.”

The platform specifically allows quantitative strategy developers to program, backtest, simulate algorithmic trading strategies and eventually launch trading bots for live-trading. Crypto-Arsenal’s Strategy Arena is for developers to submit and complete their strategies with each other on the daily basis, resulting in a ranking board for traders to make quick adoption of strategies for automated trading.

An innovative Split-As-You-Profit Model, implemented with Containerized Smart Contract, allows traders to initiate live-trading from ranking board without paying for strategies before profitability is achieved in future transactions.

Witness the next level application of encrypted algorithmic strategies

The proprietary “Containerized StrategyBot Engine”, which is built on top of the microservice architecture, fulfills dynamic allocation of computing resources to each trading bot in order to reliably reduce trading latency and slippage while live-trading.

The proprietary “Remote Developing and Double Hierarchical Protection Mechanism” facilitates developers to execute backtestings and simulations on their local machines by submitting trading signals remotely to our platform.

“In such a way, plain codes with confidential trading logic could always remain private and secure under developers’ own control. Moreover, developers could upload their strategies in binary format(.pyc) to our platform in order to thoroughly mitigate signal transmission loss while live-trading. Our proprietary encryption algorithm further scrambles the .pyc program before storing in the cloud database so as to keep developers’ intellectual property safe.”

Creating a value-added platform for traders and developers

Crypto-Arsenal is built for quantitative strategy developers and cryptocurrency traders, which seamlessly matches the two types of crypto holders on one platform. Developers can earn extra income by letting other traders use the strategy. And traders without programming capability can pick the best proven strategies on ranking board for automated trading and share profits to developers only when they make money.

Exclusive services for strategy developers and traders

As a strategy developer, you can choose to create your strategy on the cloud or local side, and validate it by backtesting and simulation, all in our integrated development environment. Besides making profits with your own strategy, you can also gain a certain percentage of profits from traders who adopt and profit with your strategy.

Crypto-Arsenal provides both cloud and local strategy development environments. Backed with the most widely used indicator library, TA-lib, developers can create strategies with JavaScript or Python on the platform. They can also develop and run their own strategies on the local server you’ve built up, sharing only the trading signals to our platform for live-trading.

As a cryptocurrency trader, you can select strategies from Strategy Arena (Battlefield) according to the performance index you value. You are able to backtest and simulate the strategy with your preferred options, including the exchanges, pairs and time period; eventually earning profits while enjoying your quality life!

Reasons why Crypto-Arsenal is getting so much attention

The number of cryptocurrency holders increased sharply in these two years. Almost all the holders hope to earn profits while exposing themselves in the lowest risks. Quant trading is the answer! However, many of them are not able to program trading strategies as well as keep an eye on the cryptocurrency market at all times. Crypto-Arsenal comes into play to provide equitable solutions and reasonable prices to both developers and traders. The present services in the market can be divided into two groups—one is easy-to-learn but with lower profitability; another might be more profitable but hard-to-learn. Therefore, we decided to focus on easy-learning, intuitive and came out with the idea that allows professionals to handle the trading logic and traders trade with strategies that have provable profitability.

Crypto-Arsenal generates and recommends NO strategies to our customers as our core value proposition is to provide the best tools for our customers to create, examine and launch strategies for live-trading. In such a way, we are able to attract talented strategists from all over the world to create as many versatile and proven strategies as possible for different sectors of traders based on their individual risk toleration. “It’s our responsibility to keep strategy developer’s intellectual property safe as well as provide tools for traders to verify strategies they are interested in before live-trading. With no access to customers’ secrets and weapons, we are like an arsenal where you can create, sharpen and store the weapons with our tools.”

Crypto-Arsenal’s revenue comes from monthly/annual subscription fees, and from hosting strategy competitions with exchanges. “In 2020, we had launched 3 strategy competitions, partnered with Nation Taiwan University and sponsored by Binance Exchange, and we are planning to expand the competition to the nation and worldwide in 2021.”

The peerless business model and advanced software technology that Crypto-Arsenal has developed won them the chance to be selected by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups to showcase at CES 2021.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion: https://pse.is/3a6g55

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