December 10, 2023

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County presents a enhance to the long term of the Agricultural sector

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Wagner is doing work toward acquiring a bachelor of science degree in agriculture. He major’s in Crop Science at the University of Alberta, and has been included in the Keephills White Whale Junior Forest Club, the Duffield 4-H club. Wagner performs on his family’s farm, is a member of the College of Alberta’s Agriculture Club.

Gilchrist is enrolled in Animal Science Technologies Diploma Plan at Lakeland College with a important in Beef Manufacturing. Gilchrist is a former triathlete acquiring concluded the Excellent White North Triathlon. He also spent time participating in hockey locally for the Parkland Athletic Club and Spruce Grove Regals.

“Congratulations to the 3 recipients. On behalf of council, I desire them all the very best and I’m absolutely sure they have pretty vibrant futures in the Agriculture business,” stated Mayor Rod Shageic.

While they could not be there to acknowledge their accolades in person, council congratulated the recipients and thanked them for their devotion to agriculture.

“I strongly aid continuing these bursaries which have been in position for a number of decades. I congratulate the award winners and fully urge the County to continue with these bursaries. They are well gained and I imagine they set us in excellent standing in the Agriculture marketplace,” reported Division 3 Coun. Phyllis Kobasiuk.

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