May 26, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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Covid-19 Self Isolation: Things to do to Avoid Boredom

Self-isolation during Pandemic Might Cause Cabin Fever | Universitas Gadjah  Mada

The coronavirus is spreading more and more. The French government is trying to prevent more infections by introducing extra measures like self-isolation, lockdown, etc. Self-Isolation is a bitter pill for most of us. Especially at this time, it is therefore extra important to take good care of yourself and try to relax during this lockdown. Almost all public life is shut down to try to limit the spread of coronavirus as much as possible.

Amon-Avis reviews different activities that would eliminate boredom during covid-19 Self Isolation:

Meditate: The most effective way to relax (except for sleep) is meditation. Start your day with breathing exercises, let go of your thoughts and try to think about nothing at all.

Take a Warm Bath: Nothing is as relaxing as taking a warm bath you know. Candles on, face mask on, and then smear it nice and thick with body lotion. To finally take the time for an extensive skincare ritual.

Find a New Hobby: Try a new hobby or resume an old hobby that you are no longer active in. You can get inspiration for this online on YouTube, or a special website with online courses. This way you can get started right away from your home, and you don’t have to go outside. You can get various gadgets for your new hobby on Fiyo. On YouTube, you will find all kinds of videos with tutorials and tips on how to learn something new.

Do you still have a piano, guitar, drum, or other instruments at home? Then find a tutorial on YouTube and learn to play a new song. Do you have a camera at home? Then take a small online photography course. Or maybe you can learn a new dance style. You can even find online flower arrangements and cooking classes. Enough choice!

Read a Book: Do you have a bookcase of which you have not yet read half of the books? This is your chance! Finally, read your favorite book (s) again for the umpteenth time.


Yoga: You don’t necessarily have to go out for a good yoga session, you can easily do it at home. There are plenty of easy Yoga routines on YouTube. It would help you relax.

Engage in Writing: It really works: write off your worries. Whether you keep a diary, write poems, or put some loose thoughts on paper, whatever works for you.

Binge-watch a TV show or film series: Now that you have plenty of time, you can finally binge-watch that one series. Still, looking for a good movie or series? Check out the list of titles of newly released movies on Netflix, short series you can binge in one day and watch all the Marvel movies in chronological order on Disney +.

Keep in Contact with Friends and Family: This does not mean that you have to meet somewhere together of course. That is currently not even allowed as you recover from the infection.

Thanks to modern technology, we can still maintain contact with our loved ones. You can just call or do video calls. Schedule a time when all of your friends or family have time and organize a joint video call. This way you can stay informed about each other’s lives, you can share stories, listen to how everyone spends their time, and support each other.

In conclusion, give yourself some extra love during this time, take the time to provide for yourself, and watch your limits. Try these things mentioned above to get through this lockdown for self-care inspiration.