June 14, 2024

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Effortless Home furnishings World wide web Tip #302: Google Benefits Terrible Search engine optimization. Often


I hope my grandchildren never peek in excess of my shoulder as I compose this idea. “Stupid” is a terrible word in their family members and they would be scandalized to hear their dear grandmother working with it.

But I am really aggravated. I did a place look at of some of my keyword phrases for a nearby town for my possess web site. I showed up respectably in most conditions in the 4th or 5th posture. But the dude outranking me in the #2 or #3 spot was applying a boatload of terrible Search engine optimisation strategies.

His web-site was poorly presented. It experienced duplicate pages for quite a few cities all through California. Hint, he was not community but pretended to be by owning the identical duplicate with diverse towns plugged into the copy for unique internet pages.

Then his footer was comprehensive of his key word phrases for various metropolitan areas.

This is some thing I would by no means do for a client. And, supposedly, Google is clever to this type of issue and suppresses these kinds of websites. But they aren’t. Oh, inevitably they get smart. A different dude did the same point a few years again and he no extended shows up.

I checked the up and coming DuckDuckGo, a privateness lookup motor and the bad dude did not demonstrate up at all. I confirmed up nice and very in #1, #2, or #3 positions depending on the research question. Yahoo and Bing searches yielded equivalent outcomes.

What is with Google?

I look forward to the working day when Google is not the only game in city. Probably, then, they’ll get their act with each other.

By the way, it was awesome to see the approaches I use for Google worked extremely effectively with all the other search engines.

Quick Furnishings Web Tip 302: Don’t use poor Website positioning strategies even if Google at times rewards them.

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