July 18, 2024

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Elon Musk states he has ‘totally happy’ monkey with mind chip so it can perform video video games working with its intellect

Elon Musk states he has ‘totally happy’ monkey with mind chip so it can perform video video games working with its intellect

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Elon Musk has disclosed that his Neuralink startup has implanted a wi-fi chip into a monkey’s brain in purchase to allow it to play video game titles.

The technology billionaire, who also heads SpaceX and Tesla, said the monkey “looks completely happy” and that Neuralink’s services satisfy US regulatory prerequisites.

Talking all through a Q&A session on the Clubhouse application, Mr Musk stated the startup experienced moved further than experiments on pigs and onto monkeys.

“We’ve now got like a monkey with a wi-fi implant in their cranium and the very small wires, who can perform video games applying his mind. And he looks fully delighted. He does not search like an unsatisfied monkey,” Mr Musk claimed.

“You cannot even see in which the neural implant was set in. He’s not awkward and he does not appear unusual.”

Mr Musk added that an inspector with the US Office of Agriculture (USDA) described Neuralink’s laboratory as “the nicest monkey facilities” that they experienced ever found. A spokesperson for the company was not immediately readily available for comment.

“We went the additional mile for the monkeys,” Mr Musk reported. “One of the points we’re striving to figure out [is] can we have the monkeys taking part in mind Pong with each and every other? That would be quite interesting.”

The mind-device interface startup, which Mr Musk foudned in 2016, is eventually hoping to implant chips into human brains to provide a large-bandwidth hyperlink between human beings and computers.

The Neuralink device is the size of a coin and can be implanted into the skullNeuralink

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The Neuralink gadget is the dimension of a coin and can be implanted into the skullNeuralink

In the short time period, Neuralink options to use its wi-fi chips to take care of mind ailments and illnesses.

But lengthier-phrase goals for the startup are much a lot more bold, ranging from the “human-AI symbiosis” strategy, to some thing the CEO refers to as “conceptual telepathy”.

This would involve human beings wondering about a “complex collection of concepts” and then transferring them immediately, uncompressed, to a further human being.

“This would massively enhance the top quality of communication, and the velocity of it,” Mr Musk mentioned,

“There are other fairly wild matters that could be performed,” he ongoing. “You could likely help save state in the brain. So if you ended up to die your condition could be returned in the sort of one more human body or a robotic body… You could decide if you want to be a robot or a human being or what ever.”

There were being some caveats to the futuristic technology, with any downloading or transferring of consciousness possibly resulting in some decline of memory or perception of self.

“You would not be particularly the very same, there’d be a little missing in transfer… But it’s also true that if you wake up today, you’re not precisely the exact as you were yesterday,” Mr Musk claimed. 

“There could be a thing analogous to a video clip recreation, like a help you save recreation problem, wherever you are equipped to upload your previous state… Perhaps shed a couple memories but generally be you.”

In the course of a demonstration of the engineering very last August, Mr Musk also reported that Neuralink’s wireless chips “could resolve blindness… resolve paralysis [and] clear up hearing”, whilst concurrently permitting individuals to compete with superior synthetic intelligence.

Neuralink launched a video clip on Saturday of a robot capable of surgically implanting the brain chips into people, and Mr Musk mentioned far more facts would be declared about the startup’s development subsequent thirty day period.