May 25, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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Free Technology for Teachers: Chronicling America


Chronicling The us is digitized newspaper archive hosted by the Library of Congress. The Chronicling The us assortment includes thousands and thousands of copies of newspaper pages printed in the United States between 1789 and 1963. You can lookup by way of the collection according to day, point out in which the newspaper was revealed, and keyword. You can study, download, and print copies of any page that you come across in the Chronicling America assortment. In this limited video clip I give a demonstration of how to uncover newspapers in the Chronicling America selection.

The U.S. News Map is based mostly on the Chronicling The us newspaper assortment hosted by the Library of Congress. When you research on the U.S. Information Map the results of your research will be displayed on an interactive map. Clicking on a placemark the map will just take you to a record of posts from newspapers in the space about the placemark. You can then pick out an post from the list and study it on the Chronicling The usa web page where you can also down load a copy of the posting. The U.S. News Map will let you lookup for content released among 1789 and 1964.

In this limited video I present a demonstration of how to use the U.S. Information Map to obtain historic newspaper article content.

The Library of Congress hosted an on the internet meeting for instructors in the slide of 2016. Just one of the showcased shows of that convention was Instructing With Historical Newspapers. Chronicling The usa was featured in the presentation. You can view the recording embedded down below to find out how to navigate the Chronicling America collection and decide on up some ideas for incorporating the newspapers into your exercise.


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