June 25, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

Latest technological developments

How can QR codes become a global lifestyle in the near future?

Before, people simply see QR codes as a compression of additional information they see on advertisements and products. There have also been a few uses in commercials, but its popularity and use did not reach a tipping point until the pandemic happened. 

Today, QR codes are integrated in almost every product and service that requires contactless, offline to online transactions. These 2D barcodes are best used for contact tracing measures, up to the digital menus integrated by restaurants and bars.

With the availability of a QR code generator online, these codes are now becoming the next global lifestyle. As a matter of fact, China leads the initiative to make QR codes a part of every citizen’s day to day life, from commuting to online payments. 

To know how these codes are used in China as part of its collective modern lifestyle, here are some of the best QR code use cases that you may have already incorporated in your daily life.


With the push of contactless payment options, QR codes are becoming a key component of the world’s modern lifestyle. 

These 2D barcodes can be used to pay the bike or car you’re renting, the retail item you purchased, or to pay for your utility bills.

Digital copies of citizen identities

China is dedicated to identify their citizens and protect them from harm, especially those that are old and in need of help. With the pandemic, the country rolled out a huge QR code system where they’re able to identify the citizens and tourists that go in and outside of their country. 

The code serves as a portal for immigration officers to check if the individual is safe to enter, or requires extensive quarantine. They do this by saving the digital copies of their citizen ID into a PDF QR code and place it in their wrist bands or ID. 

Grow Social Media Followers

Just like other countries, China is also big on social media. But instead of using Facebook and WhatsApp, they have their own platform WeChat, a 3-in1 (instant messaging, social media and payments) application developed by Tencent Group. 

This application is used by citizens to stay connected with family and friends and to send and receive gifts from them using the dedicated QR code in the app. If you go to China right now, you will see that vendors from the streets are using WeChat QR code to receive payments from their customers. 

Discount Redeem pages

Everyone loves discounts, and you’ll see that the most popular ones are posted using QR codes. With different promos laid out on every shop, you can see that most of these lead to a QR code discount redeem page where the scanner can save and use the promo code or voucher embedded in it. 

Food ordering portal

Aside from using QR codes for payments, restaurants also use them to store their online food ordering system and attach it in their tables. 

Restaurants and bars in China use them to minimize the staff and customer interaction while ensuring that they have a seamless ordering experience.

To get creative with the QR codes they place in their restaurants, most of them are modifying its design using a QR code generator with logo software online. 

The pandemic has driven QR codes to become a part of people’s new normal lifestyle. With more people relying on QR codes to get useful information, it’s no secret that QR codes can easily become a global lifestyle in the near future. 

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