June 17, 2024

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Linking News, the Best Press Release Distribution Service Recommended For Businesses

Linking News Linking News Photo: Linking News

Linking News has stepped into the market by offering the best press release distribution services to help startups and established businesses increase their visibility and promote their brand to a whole new level. 

When you prepare to start a business or a digital marketing agency you need good coverage. Linking News can help you get that required attention in the well-established market.  

With its strongest network and prominent features, your press release will appear on the top news sites. These include ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and various other news outlets.  

Along with the Linking News’ wide network of leading channels, the service also guarantees 100% white-label coverage. This is the most important feature that every company looks for, in its selected best press release distribution service.

Linking News Features

  • 100% white label distribution service
  • Guaranteed placement on leading news and media sites
  • Strongest PR network
  • Chinese distribution network

White Label Press Release Distribution Service

When you work with Linking News, the best press release distribution service, satisfaction is guaranteed. What more can you ask for than the distribution of a press release without any third-party name? Yes, the white label press release distribution service offered by Linking News assures you to circulate your press release without Linking News’ brand mentioned.

When the readers see a press release with your brand name, it proves your credibility and your ability to run a business with all the required expertise. As the readers see your PR on the leading news channels with your company name and logo, they get more attracted to your services. This boosts your chances of getting new leads and thus significantly boosts your sales and profits.

Along with the white-label service, Linking News also does not publish your press release on its official site. Your competitors will never get an idea about the services offered by the best press release distribution service, Linking News.  

Linking News understands privacy is required for every business. The white label press release distribution service provides that desired satisfaction among the clients.

Undoubtedly there are many press release distribution services in the market, but finding the one that provides the required privacy with a 100% white label service can become a daunting task.

You might not want to see your press release published on the official website of a press release distribution service before it reaches the target audiences. If yes, then Linking News’ awesome service is the right answer for your press release requirements.

So you can approach Linking News now, to get the required privacy while distributing your press release on the top tier media channels.

Guaranteed placement on leading news and media sites

What is the purpose of the press release, if it is not distributed widely? Will it bag you the much-needed attention?  Of course not! But Linking News can guarantee you this coverage.

The guaranteed placement of the leading news and media sites assures you that your press release will surely reach many audiences. ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch are some of the leading media channels where your press release is guaranteed for placement.

When the leading channels cover your engaging content, success is automatically guaranteed. Your brand gets the required visibility. This much-needed attention will boost new leads, increase sales, and thus boost your profit as well.

Moreover, the backlinks from the top sites for your business websites also boost the SEO of your official website.

Industry’s Strongest Network

As one of the best press release distribution services, having the strongest PR network is the basic necessity. The stunningly high number of 330,000 publications, 900,000 journalists, and about 90 million social media influencers, leaves no client unsatisfied at Linking News.

Chinese Press Release Distribution Service

Do you want to distribute your press release in China too? How about circulating it in the Chinese language? Won’t it be more impactful? Of course yes! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead with the Linking News also offers the best press release distribution service in the Chinese language.

You can see your press release published on hundreds of leading Chinese news and media sites. So why not grab the opportunity to impress your Chinese customer base. Grab the opportunity to make your business stand out in the market.

How can you submit your press release through Linking News?

Whether you are new to distributing a press release, submitting it here on the Linking News user-friendly platform is stress-free. Unlike other press release distribution services, you won’t need any login.

All you need here is to visit the official  website and submit your press release to get it published quickly. Just follow the simple instructions of the press release submission page and enter the mandatory information like name, company’s name, email, website, and obviously your engaging and precise PR title and content.

Here are the detailed three steps for you:

1. Select Your Package

Starting from $159 you can get a wide range of affordable packages that are suitable for everyone’s requirements. Select any plan that is ideal for your needs and get ready to see your content published on top-tier channels.

2. Create and Submit PR

Do not forget to add an engaging and attractive title and subheading to your press release. While writing the press release make sure it is concise, engaging, and properly formatted.

Linking News provides you the facility of customizing the content with the required formatting, writing, and font style.
Choose any style but it should be clean, clear, simple, and engaging.

Moreover, the embedded multimedia content should also not compromise on high-quality graphics. Think creatively to create an engaging and much-liked story.   

3. Press Release Spreads like Wildfire

So, once you have added your framed content in the provided space by the Linking News, add the media contact details. Then you will get two options for the white label service:

  • Unbranded: Linking News’ brand will not be mentioned in your report.
  • Private Label: A professional solution for marketing, SEO, or PR agencies. By using this service, agencies can offer the best press release distribution services to their own clients with their own private labels; Linking News will not be mentioned.

Now move ahead to select your payment method. Once you have successfully submitted your press release, keep your worries aside. It’s time to sit back and relax while watching your PR spreading like wildfire. The more your PR spreads, the more leads it will get.

The moment you submit your press release, it moves to the editorial team for final approval. Once it is approved, your news will be live in the next 24 to 48 hours. Moreover in the next three business days, the website also makes you available with the complete report and the live links.

However the interface is easy to access, still, you have customer support by your side all through the week. The knowledgeable team of Linking News will surely provide support in both English as well as the Chinese language.

You might have a number of creative ideas to launch your new business or products in the market. As you have many marketing tactics, then why devote effort and time to crafting and promoting the story on various media outlets? Are you thinking the same?

Well, the 24-hour newsroom has made journalists look for catchy stories. Press releases and media are the best sources that meet their increasing demand. This serves as an opportunity for you to promote your story among the majority of the audience. When used in a well thought out way, the press release marketing strategy can provide you many benefits for your business.

How the best press release distribution service helps you promote your business?

When you have the best press release distribution service like “Linking News,” you get the opportunity to let the media know more about your business. This, in turn, will promote your identity and help you gain the desired online visibility.

Take a look at how using the best press release distribution service will help you grow and make your business and digital marketing agency successful.

Business Reaches Target Audiences

When you are in a business you need to increase your visibility, submitting a press release is the ideal way of achieving it. If you are a startup or own a medium-sized business, you might have limited resources. Here you must be wondering how to promote your business without breaking the bank? The best press release distribution service can grow your chances of spreading your message to your potential audiences.

When viewers see your press release on top tier channels, there are more chances of them reacting to the call-to-action.

Wide Media Coverage

When you distribute your story through the best press release distribution service, your brand story won’t get limited to your website. The distribution service makes your press release published on the top tier news networks. This helps in providing the required exposure to your business.

Many press release distribution services also offer you free templates to customize your press release in your required format. You also get the facility of embedding pictures and videos into your press release.

When you get immediate exposure online with the best press release distribution service, it helps you build a sound reputation. This, in turn, makes your business stand out in the market. The more exposure you get, the more it is beneficial for your business.

 Boosts Traffic

As everyone has smartphones today, they tend to be more online than before. When people look for unique and exclusive brand stories, they will surely land up on yours if your press release is distributed by a reputed press release distribution service. Here when people reach your press release and click on the links in the press release, they will reach your website. The more traffic reached your brand site, the more profitable it will be.

Just optimize the keywords tactfully into your press release, large groups of people will surely find your brand easily.

Attracts Influential Investors

Your engaging press release can also attract investors and they can become your brand’s future sponsors. If this happens it will be beneficial for your startup.

When press releases attract sponsors they will promote your brand and boost your visibility. If you are looking for a sponsor, then going with one of the best press release distribution services can help you attract them.

Boost Your SEO

Are you looking for ways to rank your business higher in the search results? A press release can do it for you. Yes! You read it right. Press release distribution service also boosts your SEO.

When your news is distributed on several top-ter sites and locations, you get valuable links. These links will boost your website’s ranking and traffic.

Strengthen Your Relationships

When you circulate your press release through the best press release distribution service, it helps in strengthening your relationship with the journalists. These journalists will share your great and well-written story with the readers. When they share your story on wider media channels, it will capture the attention of the top tier media outlets. This is a win-win situation for your brand.

Apart from strengthening the relationship with journalists, your well-distributed press release will also capture the interest of influencers. To stay relevant to their niche, these influencers will then cover your brand story.

But to get the maximum benefit from the best press release distribution service you need to understand how to create engaging content to capture the media as well as audience interest.

When should you use a press release distribution service?

To taste the success in the press release, all you need is hiring the best press release distribution service like Linking News and having engaging content. You can write press releases for any purpose that you feel requires media attention or is newsworthy. But typically press release is written for these categories:

Product Launch

When you are thinking of releasing new products or want to upgrade your existing products, then you can announce it with a press release. People who are interested in your services are eagerly waiting for the latest products and will be happy to see your press release covering your latest products. Moreover, the industry positively accepts these product releases as readers also want this.


When you are planning to organize any event for advertising your brand, then also writing a press release helps in promoting your event. Your press release is perfect for outreaching interested people.

Other Newsworthy Occasions

Apart from product releases and events, there are various other matters that require instant exposure on top tier news channels. It can be new hiring, promotional offers, and various other announcements. You can use the best press release distribution service for all these events that demand wide and instant coverage.

If you manage to create valuable content for your target audience, then you can build a solid relation with journalists. When you have a strong connection with the journalists it will surely help to promote your brand. You can achieve all this with the best press release distribution service like Linking News.

< h2>Why is timing important in a press release?

When you are writing a press release at times it needs to be published immediately, but sometimes there are certain time limits. So distributing your press release at the right time is important.

Select the press release distribution service that can share it at the leading channels soon you want to make it public.

Like if you are hosting an event in the near future, you must want it to be promoted immediately among the people. Here if you are using a press release then you require a distribution service that releases it immediately to get the much-needed coverage.

But if you are creating a press release that needs to remain secret until the specified time, you need to set a specific release date.  The best press release distribution service should have the feature that can assign a date to provide the required coverage at the right time.

What is the goal of a press release?

By now you must have learned that the main purpose of your press release distribution service is promoting your services. Apart from this, your press release should also adhere to a strict format to get the required coverage and attention. Basically it serves these marketing purposes:

  • The best and the interactive press release notify the media about your event. This is done with the wish that the media will spread a word about the respective event.
  • You share the trending things about your business. This is done with the wish that the interested journalists cover your story after viewing it.
  • The press release also has the purpose of promoting your business on the internet through websites, blogs, and also through social networks.

Tips for Creating a Successful Press Release

Your press release is successful only if it is distributed successfully. If there is zero link building or very little exposure then you are simply wasting your time and resources. To get the desired exposure you need to write an engaging press release. Here are the tips that can guide you in creating an effective press release.

Keep your Press Release Simple

Where creating an engaging press release is necessary, keeping it simple is equally important. So, avoid any excessive branding or formatting in your press release. Various press release distribution services have their guidelines and don’t accept overly promoted press releases. To make it valuable you need to tone down your press release a bit. It will surely give you a higher success rate.

Your press release is worth only if your readers find it valuable. If readers find your press release interesting, then you are all set to promote your brand.  

Create a Catchy Headline

The headline of the press release catches the user’s attention first. The more interesting headline you are able to create the more it will catch the attention of the readers. Your subject line should clearly indicate your subject matter.

It would be better if you are able to create a compelling headline for the subheading too.

Know Your Audience

Before distributing your press release it is necessary to learn what information could be valuable for your target audiences. The more relevant content you provide the more rewarding it will be. Imagine you are sending a press release for real estate to the audiences who are interested in sports news. Will it prove beneficial? Of course not! So take time in understanding your audiences and then distribute your press release to the right target audiences with the best press release distribution service.

Include only High-Resolution Multimedia Content

When you are adding multimedia content into your press releases, always include high-resolution images. This will be beneficial in catching the attention of the readers. Moreover, high-resolution content is also necessary to prove your credibility.

Closing Words

When you start a new business, if you use the best press release distribution service like Linking News, it will boost your brand promotion. Take advantage of its extensive benefits and boost the success of your business.