July 17, 2024

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Mayor Soyer Announces the Izmir Agriculture Model

Mayor Soyer Announces the Izmir Agriculture Model

Mayor Soyer Announces the Izmir Agriculture Model
President Soyer announced the Izmir agriculture model

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer announced İzmir’s new agricultural policy in Ödemiş. President Soyer, Izmir, this new model of the Agriculture name, “Izmir starting from all the new and the project to build a different agricultural economy in Turkey” as defined and model the importance of access to fair food in the city, while in rural emphasized particularly the role of drought and poverty.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer announced the new agricultural economy model of İzmir, which was born from the philosophy of “Another agriculture is possible” that he has been pursuing since Seferihisar. President of the model is designed for all the period up to the sale of seeds details of the share in Ödemis from agricultural production centers in the city Tunç Soyer, “Izmir Agriculture is all new and the project to build a different agricultural economy in Turkey, starting from Izmir. A brand new vision born from Izmir, that we have developed to end our foreign dependency in agriculture ”.

The main priority is to grow well-being

Meeting with the press members at the meeting held today at the Municipality of Ödemiş Municipality Cultural Center, Mayor Soyer started his speech by saying “The pandemic and earthquake processes have shown us that the municipal services are not limited to road, water and infrastructure services” and continued as follows: “Citizens are much more than us. they have great expectations. We have seen how urgent these expectations are, which we are already aware of. Approximately 1,5 million people in Izmir gaining from agriculture bread, moreover, a significant amount of Izmir Turkey’s agricultural production meets. Therefore, the main priority of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality under my leadership is to increase the prosperity of these lands by increasing the fertility of these lands and to facilitate the access of the people living in this city to healthy food. “

İzmir Agriculture for combating drought and poverty

President Soyer, Izmir Agriculture in the Turkey, stressing that separates the two main differences from the agricultural policies implemented so far, “Izmir Agriculture in the separates the two main one difference struggling with drought from the agricultural policies implemented so far in Turkey. According to 2019 data, 77 percent of our water is used for agriculture in Turkey and this situation will not change is urgently enter into our drinking water hazards near future. İzmir Agriculture aims to reduce water spent in agricultural irrigation by XNUMX percent by supporting strategic products with high economic value and low water consumption. It protects our farmers and millions in our city against drought, and ensures our drinking water resources. The second difference of our new policy is the aim of combating poverty. We do not see agriculture as an agricultural activity that is done and ended only in the field. İzmir Agriculture covers all processes starting from the seed stage to the end consumer. “By planning sales and marketing from the outset, we increase the added value of our products, fight poverty and increase welfare.”

Will visit districts in three stages

After the İzmir Agriculture presentation, Ödemiş Mayor Mehmet Eriş said to Mayor Soyer, “I declare you the chief master of the farmer. We are at your disposal as your angry, ”saying, he put on a headscarf. Soyer ended the press conference with the good news that as Metropolitan they will buy milk from the producer for 3 liras.

After the press conference, Soyer went to the pilot production area of ​​ancestral forage crops that do not need irrigation within the scope of the “Atalık Forage Crops Support Project” in Ödemiş. Speaking in the planting area with forage plants such as Karakılçık, reed rye, damson and gambilya, Soyer said that they will support the production and use of ancestral forage seeds that grow without water throughout the province in order to combat drought.

Mayor Soyer will continue to explain İzmir Agriculture in districts outside the metropolitan area. After Ödemiş and Bayındır, Mayor Soyer will visit Tire, Selçuk, Menderes, Kemalpaşa, Torbalı, Menemen, Foça, Aliağa, Dikili, Bergama, Kınık, Urla, Seferihisar, Karaburun and Çeşme in three stages in the following weeks.

The highlights of President Soyer’s speech are as follows:  

77 percent of water resources go to agricultural irrigation

According to data from the State Water Works in 2019, 77 percent of our water resources in Turkey, so we use more than three quarters in agricultural irrigation. We use at most 10 percent of our total water as drinking water in homes and the rest in industry. The rate of water use in agriculture is much lower in countries that manage agriculture well. For example, this rate is 40 percent in European countries. This is the proof of the agriculture of a country that could not be managed well and was abandoned to the fate of drought.

The wrong products were imposed on the villagers

We consume so much water in agriculture in Turkey there are two main reasons. The first and most important reason is the wrong product choices imposed on our villagers. Turkey unsuitable climate, support of excessive water consumption and foreign seeds occupy our land is. Therefore, no matter how much you invest in irrigation, we will never be able to meet our water needs as long as the product pattern continues to be erroneous. Groundwater will go down hundreds of meters as in the Küçük Menderes Basin.

The second reason why the agricultural irrigation rate is so high is wild irrigation. That is, waste during irrigation.

We will secure our drinking water reserves

The most fundamental feature of İzmir’s new agriculture vision is that it gives priority to agricultural products that do not need irrigation at all, that rain water is sufficient or that can grow with economical irrigation. To encourage strategic products suitable for the climate conditions of the region by planning agriculture at basin scale, that is to combat drought right from the planning stage. Thus, we aim to reduce the water used in agricultural irrigation by at least 50 percent today. Most of this 50 percent will be achieved through watershed planning, that is, planting the right crop in the right place. The other part of the projected water savings will be realized with modern irrigation techniques.

In İzmir, we have to reduce the agricultural water usage rate by half in cooperation. In this way, both the healthier development of our pastures and the protection of groundwater; and we will ensure that our drinking water reserves are under guarantee for all citizens of İzmir.

We see agriculture as a process from seed to shelf

The second of the main differences that distinguish İzmir Agriculture from today’s agricultural policy is this. We see agriculture as a process that starts from the seed stage and extends to the end consumer and includes all the rings of the agricultural sector. In other words, agriculture for us is not just an activity that starts and ends in the field. Logistics, packaging, processing, branding, promotion, sales, marketing, export, research, development and training activities, certification processes and product planning. The reason we see it like this is to ensure that our farmers are fed where they are born. We know that this mill does not rotate with the understanding of bulk products. For this reason, we have put adding value to our agricultural products on our agenda from the very beginning and we will definitely transform this situation in favor of our producers.

Region specific production

The philosophy of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, which makes Izmir Agriculture unique and will set an example for our country, rises on six pillars. Now I want to explain these one by one.

The first stage of İzmir Agriculture is “product inventory and planning”. Perhaps this is the most important feature of our new vision. The keystone of the Izmir Agriculture model will be production specific to the region, climate and geography. For this, we have determined strategic products that can be grown throughout the province suitable for the climate, nature and soil of İzmir. These include ovine milk and meat products, olive and olive oil, cereals, legumes and finally grapes. On the other hand, we will support many by-products such as chestnuts, aquaculture and aromatic herbs that vary according to sub-basins.

The main reason we prefer these products is that they are the production types that will earn the most money for the farmer. All of them are products with low input cost, thriving with winter and spring rains and very low irrigation needs. All of the products will give priority, as Izmirliyan, as other cities in Turkey, as well as large enough to feed the world through export production and sales potential.

For example, the goat is an animal that can grow extremely well in the Aegean climate, does not require too much feed, grazes in maquis, and can grow extremely high-yielding and healthy. Sheep and black cattle, a cattle breed unique to Anatolia, will also be within the scope of support. These animals can meet their grass needs in 7-8 months of the year on natural pastures on sloping lands where tractor and agricultural machinery cannot enter. Turkey has in recent years when hay and forage plants considered as a case of imports, this ancient method is much better understood the necessity and profitability.

Apart from that, grains such as charcoal and reed rye that grow with no water demand and winter rains; ancestral forage plants such as gambilia and damson; We will also guarantee the purchase of olive and olive oil and grapes, which are the most suitable agricultural products for the Izmir climate. Because these are animals and plants that grow in their natural conditions, without too much input and need for irrigation. Scientific researches reveal that there is no easy disease in poorly watered products and therefore the need for spraying them is very low.

We set up a field team to work with our farmers who produce or can produce these strategic products. This is our team; He toured thirty districts of Izmir and started making individual meetings with each producer that grows these strategic products. In this way, we learn in detail how much and by what methods each producer produces from which product, what he feeds the animal if he is breeding, and how he processes olive trees if he is engaged in olive cultivation. As a result of this research, the product inventory of İzmir is revealed; In other words, we learn from which product, what quality and how much, in all details. Thus, we start working together with our producers, and we shape the future of İzmir agriculture together.

Second stage agricultural support studies

The second stage of İzmir Agriculture is agricultural support studies carried out by our Agricultural Services Department. In this context, we buy a large amount of products through cooperatives. All products produced are purchased from the cooperatives by our Metropolitan Municipality and delivered to our citizens.

While supporting rural production on the one hand, we also ensure millions of people in our city have access to healthy and cheap food. In this context, the total amount of purchases we made in 2019 is 125.377.092 Turkish Liras. The part of this purchase received from İzmir cooperatives is 121.447.379 TL. The total amount of purchases we made in 2020 is 144.762.472 TL. 127.595.174 TL of this purchase was made from Izmir cooperatives. We will continue to increase these purchases in 2021. Our municipality also provides machinery and equipment, establishes machine parks, provides seed and ovine support, and supports beekeeping.

Baysan undertakes the operational processes

The next leg of our agricultural strategy includes logistics, processing and branding efforts. The logistics of these strategic products that we produce solutions for the climate crisis and drought; In other words, our municipality company Baysan handles it from producers, processing, packaging and making them available for sale. Baysan’s role here is very important; because it sets an example for other agricultural companies and cooperatives by carrying out all operational processes on behalf of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Baysan will create the driving force of İzmir Agriculture by realizing this investment in matters where the private sector does not take risks or small producers cannot invest.

We have established a meat processing plant in Ödemiş with our own resources and we are establishing a giant milk processing factory in Bayındır. The construction floor area of ​​our milk processing factory, which will cost about 65 million lira, is seven thousand square meters. We plan to start trial production of the factory, whose foundation will be laid in May 2021, in December 2021. Our factory will start operating at full capacity from January 2022. We foresee 100 people to work in this facility. Tomorrow, we will examine all the features of this facility in Bayindir.

In the upcoming period, we are increasing our purchases of cow’s milk from 16 million liters to 22 million liters thanks to our municipal company Baysan. 16 million of this will reach our countrymen with the milk lamb project, and the rest will be packaged and put on the market under our own brand. In this process, we will gradually accelerate the transition to domestic feed plants that save water in cattle breeding.

In the period of 2021 and 2022, we add sheep milk intake to the purchase of cow’s milk. We will purchase 7 million 500 thousand liters of sheep milk, 5 million liters of goat milk and 2 million liters of buffalo milk from our producers in the first year to be used in this facility through our Baysan company. Our milk processing factory will have a daily milk processing capacity of 100 tons. In 2021, we buy 50 thousand lambs and 4 thousand black beef from our producers for our integrated meat facility. Our meat processing facility in Ödemiş is starting to operate at full capacity since April.

On the other hand, Baysan will make contracted purchases for dehydrated fodder crops and grain planting on 10 thousand decares of land. The value of the amount of feed we will receive is approximately 15 million TL. For purchases on a basin scale, for example, we will buy 100 tons of chestnuts from Beydağ and 300 tons of potatoes from Ödemiş.

We will make a purchase of 2021 million 2022 thousand TL in 338 and 600. Thus, the financial support that our municipality will provide to our villagers will increase almost three to four times. 154 million 600 thousand liras of this corresponds to dairy products, 97 million liras to meat products, 15 million to fodder crops and the remaining 72 million to other products.

All meat and milk purchase contracts will take place this year with our producers participating in our fight against drought. In 2021, we will purchase all these products, for which we guarantee a purchase, for a price above the market value. This will ensure that our producers get their labor and encourage them to apply the principles of İzmir Agriculture to the letter.

All these processes will speed up our Izmir Agriculture branding efforts. In this context, I would like to announce that we will establish an agricultural design office in our agricultural research center in Çiğli Sasalı. Thanks to the center we will set up here, our manufacturer will be able to receive free design support to pack its products.

What we want to do here is to increase the brand value of İzmir Agriculture, which is shaped by the philosophy of “Another Agriculture is Possible”. The products produced in Izmir within the framework of this vision and strategy; To explain that it is a practice that protects both nature and people’s health and to reveal the difference of İzmir Agriculture.

İzmir products will be sold all over the world

The products that are produced, branded and packaged are ready for sales, marketing and export, which is the next step of our Izmir Agriculture strategy. This is the fourth stage high added value we try to make these products in Izmir, Turkey and in the world to offer our sales in other channels and producers, our farmers make more revenue.

The demand for our environmentally friendly strategic products in Izmir is rapidly increasing in international markets. Therefore, we develop İzmir Tarım’s products not only for the domestic market but also for export. Our municipal company İZFAŞ plays a big role in this. We open our small producers who do not have experience in branding, e-commerce and export to the world with our fairs. I would like to announce here again that we are establishing an export support office in our agricultural center in Sasalı. We are initiating a mobilization to increase exports based on branding and technology with high added value. We are working in partnership with the Aegean Exporters Unions, Izmir Commodity Exchange and Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

In the upcoming period, we will export directly through our municipality company Baysan.

The aim is to increase exports to the level of 250 million dollars.

In summary, in the new period, we are not only providing purchase guarantees, but now we also include sales guarantee on our agenda. Our most important goal in this sales guarantee is export. Fairs organized by İZFAŞ will continue to bring our manufacturer to buyers from around the world. Turkey’s only fair Olivtech olives and olive oil, however, Turkey’s only trade fair for organic products Ecology Izmir, Turkey will be held for the first time in the exhibition Terra Madre as a direct exporter, we make our small producers. We support this important sector in our Küçük Menderes basin with Flowera Cut Flowers, Ornamental Plants and Landscape Fair. Our goal is to increase exports from 13 million dollars to 250 million dollars. In this context, less water consuming ornamental and landscape plants will be our priority in both purchase guarantee and export support. Our support will continue in the field of domestic market access and e-commerce.

Common mind in the certification process

In the fifth stage of İzmir Agriculture; We will carry out “research and development, training and certification processes”. Our Metropolitan Municipality has many investments in this regard. Our comprehensive Can Yücel Tohum center is in the process of being established. Our priority will be agriculture in the entrepreneurship center that we established with TÜSİAD and will open next month. We open a center in Gediz Delta Sasalı where agriculture research will be conducted on climate change and drought. Here, there will be both product planning studies and our design and export support offices that I just mentioned. Agricultural High School, one of our election promises, will start education in 2022.

As soon as the pandemic conditions improve, we will work on the education of our children living in the metropolis in rural areas. Our aim here is for our children living in cities to meet with nature, to get acquainted with the soil and to learn the agricultural production process by seeing it.

With agrotourism, the farmer will earn ancillary income for twelve months

Finally, in the sixth stage of İzmir Agriculture, we are working on creating side economies such as agrotourism. Agrotourism has become a sector that generates additional income for farmers all over the world. We had already implemented this model in Seferihisar and ensured that our farmers had subsidiary economic income there. Our aim is to ensure that our villagers earn ancillary income not only for a certain period but also for twelve months at suitable points in İzmir for agrotourism.

In all these studies, we attach great importance to and encourage cooperatives. Because in order for the small producer to survive, it is imperative that they come together to get stronger and defend their rights together. The organization of small farmers and the realization of production within this organization is one of the main characteristics of İzmir Agriculture.

In short, İzmir Agriculture, whose top priority is to combat drought and poverty:

1. It protects our drinking water by reducing agricultural water use by 50 percent.

2. It supports local agricultural products that do not need irrigation, with high economic value, with a purchase guarantee.

3. It increases the added value by supporting the branding and marketing of agricultural products.

4. Export potential is high quality agricultural products by encouraging Turkey’s economy expands.

5. It promotes the organization of small producers; It paves the way for our farmers to be satisfied where they were born.

6. It enables women and young people to have a say in the agricultural economy again. It enhances the quality of life in the countryside.

7. It develops agricultural areas not only for food production but also for all living things; supports the protection of nature.

8. Fighting the climate crisis by using the soil, water and seeds in the most balanced way.

9. It protects agriculture by popularizing indigenous seeds and animal breeds.

10. It paves the way for millions of people living in our cities to access healthy, reliable and affordable food.

16 thousand 220 villages were closed

One of the main reasons of the problems of agriculture in Turkey has fallen into; 8 years ago, in 2012, a total of 16 thousand 220 villages were closed with the Metropolitan Law.

In contrast, in Seferihisar “Village of the Future” and soon we start a movement with the name of the nearby villages participated in the formation in 1000 has spread throughout Turkey. In 2013, at the Historical Parliament of the Ancient City of Teos, we met with hundreds of village headmen and shouted our reaction against the villages closed by the Metropolitan Law and started our struggle.

Because of the conversion of the neighborhood park, we knew we would have consequences that would cause the collapse of agriculture in Turkey rather than a name change. Unfortunately it also had a real change in the law, and that in the intervening eight years after Turkey agriculture, it took no time to be as large wound.

Recently, a bag law paved the way for villages to be defined as “rural neighborhoods”. This law once again justified our struggle against village closures. In villages to be determined as rural neighborhoods; The introduction of various exemptions and discounts such as taxes, fees and water is of course a positive development but not enough.

İzmir agriculture will be a cure for troubles

When the villages were closed, common property areas, common pastures and lands were lost. The arrangement made does not return these goods to the villages.

We believe that İzmir Agriculture, which we have realized by saying “Another Agriculture is Possible”, will cure the troubles of our villages and farmers in our country, starting from our city. From here, I call out to all our villages whose names have been changed to neighborhoods. Make your application for rural neighborhood status to our district municipalities as soon as possible. Our Metropolitan Municipality will stand by our villages in this matter as well as in all matters, and will work heartily with you to increase the welfare of our producers.

We rebel!

Being local and national is a matter that should be in essence, not in words. Think of a flag! You will shield your chest to make it wave in the skies. Think of a country! You will give thousands of martyrs to protect its borders.

But you will leave the homeland within those borders to your fate. You will watch the fields and village houses evacuate one by one. While our domestic and national seeds are rapidly disappearing, you will give incentives to foreign seeds. You will sacrifice our culture, roots and everything from our past to the construction industry. With great skill, you will succeed in destroying agriculture in the land where agriculture was born.

You will not leave any trace of Anatolian agriculture in this land where agriculture has been practiced for thousands of years in the homeland of wheat, sheep, goat, cattle, pear, cherry, grape, fig, olive and many more. By saying that the yield is high, you will drown all over the country with imported and foreign seeds and liquidate our local seeds and breeds one by one.

As foreign seeds invade our country, our lands will become barren, our lakes will dry up one by one, and our groundwater will disappear hundreds of meters deep.

Moreover, while all this is happening, you will continue to be local and national. I wonder. What could be more local and national than our land, water and nature that make us who we are? How can our words speak of being domestic and national, while our hands destroy all the values ​​of our country one by one?

Nobody sorry. Let the agricultural monopolies grow even more; so that foreign companies can sell more imported seeds, more imported medicines, imported feed and livestock to our villagers who are crushed by debt; We will never allow our lands to become arid and our people impoverished. We know very well that poverty for our nation and drought is not destiny for our land.

In the past, wars were with cannons, occupations with soldiers and boots. Today’s wars and occupations take place with seeds, pesticides, and wrong agricultural policies that make our land desolate and take our peasants captive.

Every mixture of the country’s land is sacred. We are determined to continue our struggle to protect every part of this country until our last breath. We are rebelling against this great occupation, starting again from Izmir.

We take our first step against poverty and drought by saying “Another Agriculture is Possible”, with İzmir Agriculture, here in Ödemiş. We are building a local and national agricultural policy side by side with our producers.

Good luck to our country. May he be abundant!