October 4, 2023

Pierreloti Chelsea

Latest technological developments

New engineering getting applied to stop blue-green algae in Lake Okeechobee


New technology is functioning to stop thick, blue-inexperienced gunk from increasing in our very important drinking water. The procedure is up and jogging to handle harmful algae blooms.

A device known as a nanobubble generator is performing in Pahokee Marina at Lake Okeechobee Thursday. It’s remaining used to enable protect against another drinking water disaster.

The device releases little oxygen bubbles into Lake Okeechobee to decrease and protect against blue-green algae. The bubbles are so compact they cannot be witnessed.

The question is does this reducing-edge technologies in fact perform.

“We’ve been invited to spouse with Florida Gulf Coastline University to set up and check our nanobubble generators in this article in Pahokee Marina,” claimed Eli Kersh, the director of Floor H2o Remedy for Moleaer.

Moleaer is the organization powering the nanobubble generator. Kersh is self-assured the technologies will operate versus blue-green algae.

“A nanobubble generator is a unit that normally takes drinking water and air and produces microscopic bubbles,” Kersh reported.

Those people bubbles raise oxygen in the drinking water to make h2o extra resilient to algal blooms. A nanobubble generator is relatively new to the entire world of science. Kersh’s enterprise partnered with FGCU’s The Water University.

“We’re turning on these nanobubble generators for the initial time, so will get some samples before,” FGCU professor Barry Rosen stated.

Rosen stated we will not see any results because this is a very long-term matter.

“The nanobubbles will spread throughout the basin, and we’ll see if they have an outcome or not,” Rosen reported.

Rosen and Kersh can not say the nanobubble turbines will make a big variance.

“The ideal result we could hope for I believe would be total reduction of algae of system, but I think we will be happy with being familiar with, finding out more about the effect,” Kersh explained.

FGCU college students will keep track of the progress of the bubble generator, and they will report back if and when there’s a noticeable variance in the blue-inexperienced algae levels.