June 25, 2022


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Part for Bacteriophage in Preserving Agriculture and Aquaculture

Crop plants and animals can be contaminated by bacterial pathogens that lessen generate, bring about food wastage, and carry human pathogens that spread condition on intake. Bacteriophage can perform an significant position in microbial manage, according to a new Unique Situation on Agriculture and Aquaculture published in the peer-reviewed journal PHAGE: Therapy, Programs, and Research.

“Although the selection of problems associated with bacterial conditions in agriculture and aquiculture has elevated, foodstuff producers are under force to lessen their reliance on antibiotics. There is as a result a obvious will need for productive antimicrobials to protect against and address bacterial infections in foods animals, to equally reduce foodstuff waste, and prevent human an infection. Obviously if formulated thoroughly, phages can at least in element, enable to address this want,” states Martha Clokie, PhD, Editor-in-Main of PHAGE and Professor of Microbiology, College of Leicester.

PHAGE, Vol 1, No 4, December 2020. ISSN: 2641-6530

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