June 14, 2024

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Renaissance Develops Non-GMO Breeding System Technological know-how for Developing Sector-Ready, Novel Lager Yeast for World wide and Craft Beer Marketplaces

Vancouver, Canada — Renaissance BioScience Corp., a major worldwide bioengineering organization, is delighted to officially announce the publication of a landmark paper on lager yeast growth in the February 2021 challenge of Used and Environmental Microbiology (Quantity 87, Challenge 3). “Industrially Relevant De Novo Lager Yeast Hybrids with a Unique Genome Architecture: Generation and Characterization,” by Turgeon et al, explains how the Renaissance investigation crew produced an ground breaking tactic in developing novel non-GMO lager yeast strains that are promptly acceptable for lager beer output, and which will assist broaden the range of professional lager beer strains for each big world beer producers and more compact craft breweries.

For hundreds of yrs, lager beer has been generated using strains from two linked lager yeast forms: Team I and Group II. Though these teams are genetically distinctive, they generate extremely related flavour and aroma profiles, and therefore perform a purpose in the lack of range in professional lager beer. To date, approaches aimed at building new lager yeast have created strains that possess undesirable brewing characteristics that render them commercially unviable. This novel technique circumvents the problem and enables for the generation of new lager strains that are immediately ideal for lager output. The paper proposes that yeast created employing this novel approach be labeled as a 3rd team of lager strains (Group III).

Renaissance BioScience CEO, Dr. John Husnik, comments: “This Renaissance achievement is one particular of the most useful innovations in lager yeast strain development. Our paper outlines how this advance was made and, importantly, points out the possible to build a lot of unique novel lager yeast strains, and also to wonderful-tune and increase many current proprietary strains utilized by beer producers all around the globe. This yeast technologies is all set to commence commercial usage and apps. Congratulations to our group on this fascinating progress. We’re about to enter a full new globe of lager beer innovation.”

Zachari Turgeon, Principal Scientist and the paper’s direct writer, reviews: “Our qualified investigate and development crew has made an elegant and hugely rigorous tactic to creating lager strains that has significant probable to increase flavour profiles and increase the industrial performance of beermaking. In addition, the Renaissance platform solution could be blended with our patented hydrogen sulfide-blocking know-how to lower or even eliminate the off-aroma hydrogen sulfide, a common worry for lager beermakers almost everywhere, and this provides patent safety for any lager yeast improvements generated with our technological innovation. We glimpse ahead to conversations with beer producers and learn brewers about our paper and the Renaissance technique to yeast pressure improvements.”

The Renaissance method was to breed the S. eubayanus subgenome from industrial lager strains and hybridize them to unique ale strains, eliminating the require to breed undomesticated, wild S. eubayanus strains. This results in a range of advantageous results:

None of the unfavorable attributes linked with using wild S. eubayanus are present.The genomic composition of the new Renaissance strains created is unique when compared to all recognised lager yeast — the authors suggest that these novel strains variety a third group of lager yeast (Team III). The new Renaissance strains now have a broader temperature tolerance range this can enhance their takes advantage of for distinct types of beer, as properly as boost propagation and the production of the yeast.

Renaissance’s R&D staff can noticeably boost the variety of lager yeast by employing a large wide variety of various parental strains, main to optimization of lager yeast performance, an increase in the aroma and flavour diversity of lager strains, and the elimination of off-aromas.The Renaissance improvement tactic is solely non-GMO, relying totally on yeast’s organic sexual reproduction.

Jessica Swanson, Direct Enhancement Scientist and Beverage Unit Manager, provides: “The Renaissance method in earning commercially relevant and highly important lager strains could also be blended with yeast advancements and systems earlier created by other researchers to generate protected increased strains. Most importantly, all of these innovation possibilities will have significant benefits for beer shoppers around the entire world.”

The paper is readily available as an open up-entry posting and can be seen or downloaded here: https://aem.asm.org/content material/aem/87/3/e02434-20.complete.pdf

About Renaissance BioScience Corp.

Centered in Vancouver, Canada, Renaissance is a privately held bioengineering system know-how corporation that develops modern, sector-ready, practical microorganisms that give methods to a broad assortment of wellbeing, environmental and industrial difficulties. Specific details about the Renaissance team of organizations can be accessed by going to our internet site at www.renaissancebioscience.com.

For more information: https://aem.asm.org/content material/aem/87/3/e02434-20.total.pdf