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Technological innovation for regenerative farming – AG Info Community OF THE WEST

Technological innovation for regenerative farming – AG Info Community OF THE WEST

Information Highlights: Technological know-how for regenerative farming – AG Data Community OF THE WEST

Technologies for regenerative agriculture

Tim Hammerich news reporter

It is time for your Farm of the Potential report. I am Tim Hammerich.

Regenerative agriculture has expanded enormously in modern a long time. This tactic to ecologically intense agriculture depends as significantly as attainable on performing with nature alternatively of external inputs. So wherever does technological innovation in shape into this model? That is the query I asked Dr. Jonathan Lundgren, Director of the Ecdysis Foundation and CEO of Blue Dasher Farm.

Lundgren… “I feel initially of all the concepts must be adhered to, proper. We will need to have a pretty very good comprehending of conservation, soil, and many others. And inside that framework, there will be opportunities to make everyday living simpler, and technological innovation will be equipped to do that. The trick is that technological know-how can never switch biology on our farms. “

Lundgren calls replacing biology a “slippery slope,” but suggests there are alternatives for technologies that interact with nature.

Lundgren… “Technologies that assistance us plant. Technologies that enable us combine life again into cropland so you can harvest crops or move all those animals far more quickly. Those people are options for technological innovation to seriously help boost our farm relatively than switch farm biology. “

Dr. Lungren operates each a regenerative farm and study to aid these techniques with additional info.

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