August 9, 2022


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The truth of High Quality Backlinks and their impact on SEO!

What are Quality Backlinks and How Can You Get Them to Your Website? -  Learning

It all changed in the year 2012. People were sent into a state of stampede. The air was heavy with anxious notes. There were questions all around; questions fair enough. It would not be bad to call it another bubble burst. “What has happened to our websites’ rankings?” “Why is there this big fall?” “What have we done wrong?” Years’ worth of effort were sent into the drain. What actually was it? Well, the Penguin had entered the play. Google said that its Penguin Update was long pending. A whole lot of the crowd was trying to manipulate search results using blackhat link-building techniques. There were few who wanted to buy high quality backlinks. Furthermore, those cheap spammy links were impacting and surpassing some genuine and quality websites in SERP. People were pressing on ‘click here to know more’ button on a cartoon website but were being taken over to toys or other unrelated websites.

But then, what actually were these high-quality backlinks? Were they really a thing or another trick?

The truth behind high quality backlinks!

It is not something new. From the moment people got aware of the fact that links get considered while deciding the SERP ranking, they started to look for easy ways. But easy ways are rarely good. This thing impacted Google too.

Let’s time travel to the early 90s. The internet was a novel thing and people were really looking forward to it. You might think that it has always been Google at the top, but you would be wrong. At the very beginning, Yahoo! yes! Yahoo! was the choice. Google was not even there in the market. People used to use it for searches. Its main mechanism was to look for targeted keywords and metatags. So people were again trying to manipulate it by stuffing their websites with keywords. Funny and frustrating! But yes! There was no concept of quality backlinks back then.

Then came 1998 and along with it this revolutionary Google (Fun Fact: Google was initially called Backrub). The thing was that it had a revolutionary idea to rank pages, and the idea was to look at how many pages are pointing back at a particular website. This simply means how many in the world are talking about you. If you are the talk of the town, this means you are famous and an expert, at least it was so to Google back then. This was used as a ranking factor. But then again, humans being humans, they looked for ways to manipulate it. People were farming websites and using them to point back at each other. It was like a group where people are praising each other to tell the world that they are good. But it soon got caught by Google’s digital eyes.

Link building Penguin Update!

Till this time Google had already become a giant and it had the finance to invest in research and development. Then came its brutal but necessary updates. Now the links alone were not considered, but many other factors would decide upon the quality and intention of those links and then decide if to push a website up or down.

It is estimated that the initial release of this update had affected some 3% of overall results. This is a fair number for a start. And with it came the need to buy high quality backlinks. But what decides if a link is of high quality or not? And does it even get considered by Google?

What are high quality backlinks!

High quality backlinks, in theory, are those links that are genuine and have an intention to truly serve the internet. But how does it get decided? First of all, it must be known that link-building is very fundamental to being human. We are social animals and creating a social network helps us known about our world and selves in a better way. This same fundamental works in the internet world.

We know the truths and lies about a person through our social networks. However, it gets comparatively tougher when it comes to search engines. Search Engines are machines and have no real intelligence of their own. We feed them ways to work in the form of algorithms and then they start working upon them. This is why there still is much to do to improve the overall user experience. But, even now, technology has improved much and it has become comparatively easier to identify these tricksters. So how actually does it happen?

To identify if links are genuine, which we call high quality backlinks, Google looks at certain dynamics like,

  • The age of domain linking back.
  • DA and PA of the links.
  • Niche of websites linking.
  • Their IP addresses.
  • If the websites are of some authority and hold expertise.
  • If the links are natural, reputable, and relevant. You won’t want to have links coming back from sports website if your own website is about furniture.
  • The country from which the links are coming. Links coming back from India won’t impact the rankings of a website in the US.

These factors along with many others unknown to the world decide the quality of a link. This is why it gets crucial to buy high quality backlinks.

Does your website need quality backlinks?

Well, we all know how quality backlinks improve the quality of the internet. After all, the end-user of this internet is us. If we won’t try to keep things better, who will? The existence of aliens is yet unknown. Also, we don’t know if aliens would serve us or feed on us. This is why search engines now try to keep things better. There is A.I. and machine learning, and it will change the game further.

It is as simple as this scenario. If the experts around the world are talking about you, and if the world looks toward those experts with a sense of respect, chances are that you have something in you. This will indicate to the world that you might be an expert too. And this will give the world an opportunity to listen to what new you have to say.

Click here to know more about how a link-building agency can guide your website towards the growth it deserves. The future of this world is the internet, and this makes it necessary to have a good digital presence after all. The Internet is not a hurdle, it is an opportunity, and opportunity to speak value to the world. If your goal is to survive and thrive for a long-term, go for the guidance of SEO experts and buy high quality backlinks.