July 18, 2024

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This smartphone method could save you from drunk-texting your ex

This smartphone method could save you from drunk-texting your ex

This smartphone method could save you from drunk-texting your ex

Credit history: Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

  • A minor-recognised Chinese brand has patented a drunk mode for its smartphones.
  • This would block certain apps and limit specific features.
  • The method would require sobriety verification to disable it.

Working with a smartphone even though drunk isn’t necessarily the wisest decision, as it could final result in you speaking to an ex, submitting an uncomfortable video, and a lot more.

We’ve observed some developers test to beat this scenario with applications that prevent drunk texting and other intoxicated escapades, but it seems like a little-recognized Chinese manufacturer is performing on a drunk method for its smartphones.

Gree Electronics declared a patent for a so-named consuming mode previously this month, MyDrivers described, with the patent staying filed at China’s national patent place of work. According to the patent and news outlet, the drunk mode restricts specific “commonly applied apps” from jogging to prevent uncomfortable circumstances.

The drunk mode will work as follows, in accordance to device-translation of the posting:

  1. Set the principles for drunk method, such as which apps are barred or restricted. You are going to also require to established “sober verification rules” that will be applied to disable drunk mode.
  2. The consumer then enables the manner on their mobile phone, with picked apps locked down or limited accordingly.
  3. The consumer passes “sober verification” as per the procedures set before and the mode is disabled.

MyDrivers provides that the drunk method also simplifies interactions, presumably by enabling one thing akin to the Basic/Simple Mode UI witnessed on phones from Huawei, Samsung. and Xiaomi.

Of training course, Gree is an obscure Chinese model that isn’t even preferred in its dwelling current market, so we wouldn’t rely on this specific drunk manner staying obtainable on a smartphone near you. But we’d unquestionably adore to see other suppliers check out their hand at this manner, blocking your ex’s range or WhatsApp speak to or demonstrating your contact data on the lockscreen in scenario you drop your gadget.

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