June 25, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

Latest technological developments

Western Digital Unveils 20TB HDD with OptiNAND Technology

Western Digital has released the industry’s very first 20TB challenging drives that integrates an iNAND UFS embedded flash drive (EFD) to make improvements to effectiveness, reliability, and capacity. The firm’s OptiNAND architecture does not use 3D NAND memory for caching, but to retail outlet a variety of metadata to increase key characteristics of hard drives.

Western Digital’s 20TB HDDs with OptiNAND technological know-how are based on nine 2.2TB ePMR (power-assisted perpendicular magnetic recording technologies) platters, triple-stage actuator know-how for more specific positioning of read/publish heads, an iNAND UFS travel of mysterious ability that uses 3D TLC NAND memory, and the company’s custom made method-on-chip (SoC) that controls the generate as very well as communication involving the HDD and the EFD.