June 14, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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Do you need to buy backlinks to stay ready for Google MUM update?

When and Why You Should Update Old Content for SEO Benefits | by Ricky  Wolff | The Startup | Medium

If Google has not released an update in the market, the date in its calendar has not changed. It has a habit of keeping the world on its toes through regular updates. And this time the update is a giant one. Thus, the tricksters have started their work. The latest in Google’s pack is the MUM update. They are saying it to be a revolutionary update. But, scammers now are scamming people in the name of this update. You might hear them offering you to buy backlinks (USA) to stay updated for this update. Is it really required? The Best Link building Services from Digital White Labels says, around the world know the truth about this update.

In this article, we will tell you what actually this MUM update is and what you can do to stay away from these scammers!

The truth about Google’s MUM update!

This update is called MUM for a reason. Not because they are considering it to be the mother of all, which it actually is, but because of the way it will work. MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model and it is the technology which will try answering some very complex questions – Questions for which even no one has written anything. How? And do you really need to do anything like to Buy backlinks, USA or change web design to stay under rules? We’ll tell.

How does Google’s MUM update work?

Earlier in the days, Google was so poor at understanding the complexity in our language. It could not understand what we actually meant at that time. The context was not known to it. If you would ask how to look cool, it might tell you to go to the freezer. But then things changed for good and BERT came to the rescue. No! BERT is not some superman, it is a digital superhero that works on understanding the context behind a query. This way it helps provide better answers. But there was still a gap. We still could not answer some complex questions like what is it like to live on mars? or show it a pair of hiking boots and ask if they would be good for hiking the alps? Thus this MUM.

We now have MUM to answer many of the complex queries. How? By scanning everything across 75 languages till now, understanding it all, and serving us an answer made from different passages from different blogs. If you are asking a question about Japan, then no one can answer it better than the Japanese themselves. However, chances are that they would have written it in their own language, which is Nihon. Earlier, Google had no way to access it. But now, it can access it and find an answer immediately, irrespective of the language the question has been asked in. Let’s understand it through an example.

Example of Google’s MUM update.

Suppose you live in China and are planning to shift to Egypt in February. You might find it harder to find someone from Egypt and then ask that person about this same. Even then, you might miss a few points to ask. But what if you had a God who would know everything and then answer your query? Here is MUM for you.

The general word around is that MUM is 1000 (one thousand) times faster than BERT, which was already very good. So, now you’d ask Google like you ask a person.

“I’ve been in China for 20 years and now I want to shift to Egypt. What should I take care of?”

Earlier, Google would look if someone has answered this specific topic or not. But now, it will understand the true meaning behind your query, work across 75 languages as for now, look for fragments answering your query, and then serve before you an answer using several elements at the top of SERP. How? Here is how it will roughly work –

  • It will search across and know what it is like to live in China. For example, it will read about temperature, culture, habits, roads, access to things, etc.
  • Then it will search the same about Egypt.
  • Then it might give you answers by creating language like – It is generally cold in China so you might see a difference in food. Furthermore, you might find it hard to get veg food around as much as you do in China. This is a rough example.

They are speaking of it to be a huge leap in terms of A.I. and computing powers.

What to do to get ready for MUM update?

Google has announced that this update will start rolling out from the early 2022. Furthermore, it will take some time to completely roll out and start helping people. But, do you need to do anything to prevent your ranking from falling due to this update?

If you see scammers trying to trick you to buy backlinks (USA) to stay safe from this update, then slap that person and run away like a squirrel and hide. you do not need to buy backlinks. Even if the best Link building Services from, Digital White Labels argues, around the world ask you to buy links for MUM update, trust them not. This update is a technological revolution that will work on itself rather than the content around. It will look for answers in far better ways.

If you need to do anything to stay ready for the future then write good quality content. This is all. Do not try to fool around to manipulate the search engine. Try to solve the issues rather than being greedy. Write content in a structured way with precise headings and accurate content. For example, if you are writing about the weather in China, write about it and do not try to tell people to buy tickets for the latest movies about the weather. This is wrong and won’t work anymore. Do not stuff the content with keywords and have links coming from domains with better PageRank. This would mean that the websites that are talking about you already know much more and are an expert in the field. You need not to further buy backlinks (USA) or do anything strange to stay safe from this update.

However, this only is only true in the case of MUM. Links are still necessary and they need to be of high quality with high DA and PA scores. Try to save yourself from cheap agencies selling links in bulk at 10-20 USDs. It will only make you spend more on an expert to remove those spam links they’ll give. Trust a professional and know that SEO will cost you some. For example, the best Link Building Services from Digital White Labels have been helping around for years. Check them out and choose a plan that you think will serve your needs.