June 14, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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The crucial qualities of an exceptional mobile application!

Top five Qualities of Mobile Applications to Attain Customer Satisfaction

What do we think of when we think of the internet? Anywhere from websites to shopping to social media to YouTube? But lately, a novel thing is getting quite an attention. It is the field of mobile applications. Earlier if you wanted to get growth online, a website was the need. But now, if you want your business to get growth online, a website and a mobile application are the need. Because mobiles are handy, people see more of them than PCs. Furthermore, people use mobile apps far more than websites. Thus, to get the grab, businesses are taking a shift too. According to Blurn, Mobile Application Development Company is helping people in it.

But, having a mobile application is not enough. An application has to be good and usable too. So, what are the qualities that can predict if an application will thrive or fail?

Qualities that define a good mobile application!

When you start a business, you take care of many aspects to see it grow and get ahead. For example, if it is a restaurant, you will ensure that the food is good, the dining area is good, furniture is clean and classy, there is no garbage, the ventilation is proper, etc. Similarly, having a mobile application is not enough. It won’t serve you the purpose. There are certain qualities that you need to see more if they are there.

It keeps User Experience in mind!

User Experience is something that Google is paying its focus lately. It does not only want to resolve a user’s query, but it also wants to resolve it smoothly. This thing works similarly when it comes to a mobile application. It does not only want to provide an app to a user but a good app. The case is similar in the IOS app market.

How can you ensure that your mobile application is providing a better User Experience?

  • The application does not lag while getting used.
  • The menu is simple and helpful.
  • Font size and style is readable.
  • It does not crash every now and then.
  • What it is claiming is what it is serving.
  • The application has a phenomenal User Interface. If your app’s U.I. bad, you will not be able to convert users into customers.

These are some of the many features that decide if the user is having a good experience while using the app.

The mobile application is secure!

There are around 3.5 million apps and 2.2 million apps on Android and IOS respectively. This means too many possibilities of data breach and security threat. No! But this is not so. These two giant companies have good capabilities to scan the vulnerabilities there. If your application has some issues, it won’t stay there for long.

Furthermore, if your app is safe, people will more likely be sharing the name with others. Otherwise, if there are security issues, they won’t see more of the app.

The app has better visual qualities!

Humans tend to lean towards beauty more often. We love seeing that soothing ember-like setting sun behind the ceaseless blues of the sea. We love seeing the red of roses blooming over crystal white snow. Also, we love it when we see those deep and dense forest greens making love with the mist. We love when things are visually beautiful.

When it comes to an app, the overall visual beauty impacts more than anything. For this, proper app designing must be done. When hiring a developer, make sure proper attention gets given to this field.

Better Connectivity!

You’d not want an app to work fine but behave odd while connected to the internet. Most of the times, poorly designed apps create issues and fail to handle the internet. The result? Things load slow and the overall experience falls.

If you have an eCommerce app, this slight difference can easily prove to be fatal for your business. Studies have found that a second of delay in loading results in a drop in sales.

Issues and bugs free!

This is a continuous process. When you release an application in the market, it is bound to see issues on some devices. People will use your application, explore it, and see more if there are any issues. This might not be a fault at your end! But you need to adjust your app according to it.

After launching an app on the store it is time to analyze the results. Reviews would be coming about bugs and issues there. Make sure you resolve them on a priority basis through regular updates. When hiring a mobile application development company, remember to ask how it handles future updates. The company will tell you the extra charges you might incur and the time you need to wait for.

Place for excellent customer support!

Nothing hurts our peace more than an app with no customer support. Some people throw their hot coffee mugs on the shiny walls in frustration, some break their laptops, some get a bad haircut done, and many others cry out loud at the dead of the night. Ah!

When you are providing a mobile application, make sure there is a proper place for customer support. It will not help us but your own business. A study found out that 90% of people prefer a company with great after-support. We are talking about a whopping 90%.

Does not use a huge amount of mobile resources!

Alright! Your mobile application is great, but it makes its users feel like their devices are not great! What good is it for in the business? You would not want to make an application that is using half of the RAM, half of the storage, half of the CPU, and half of everything else. No! The application must be using resources optimally to let people feel good about their phones and your app. Suggests Blurn, Mobile Application Development Company must ensure that the application has been efficiently coded.

This will help your business too. How? When users are having a smooth experience, they are likely to make buying decisions quickly. Furthermore, our brains remember a good experience for a long time.

How to get a good mobile application development done?

The answer is to look for an expert mobile application development company around you. Know that companies that are old might charge you slightly more, but this cost will lead to a high ROI at the end.

If you live in Australia, you may see more about Blurn, Mobile Application Development Company, and its innovative ways of providing out of the box solutions. With a proven past record of helping businesses multiply their profits hundreds of times, it offers people a gateway to the future. Check them out.