June 14, 2024

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Link Building Tool: Google Keyword Planner

How to Use Google Keyword Planner [New Guide]

One of the key tools for Link Building is the Google Keyword Planner. Keywords are the lifeblood of Link Building. Being such, Google Keyword Planner is the traffic regulator and heart of the campaign. Every Link Building campaign needs tools and strategies to run in the proper direction. The strategy is the road and Google Keyword Planner is the traffic regulator that drives traffic towards the intended goal. Through Google Keyword Planner, you will be able to generate large sets of keywords for a keyword phrase or search term, and you’ll be able to understand how popular various keyword phrases are in terms of recent search volumes. With the Google Keyword Planner, you will also be able to get a forecast of how many views and clicks each of the selected keyword terms generate for the upcoming campaign for a given budget. The keyword search volume report helps you to pick the right and popular short tail or long tail keywords so that your content promotion becomes valuable, viable and useful. 

Moreover, Google Keyword Planner helps with achieving your target in a time bound manner by ensuring that you do not do the campaign blindfolded. You will get to know you with the forecast and search volume details what will be your estimated results for your Search Marketing campaigns in terms of clicks to your web pages so that you can up the ante or step up your content promotion campaign in order to achieve and reach your web traffic goals and achieve your Link Building targets within the stipulated time. And, Google Keyword Planner stops you from getting into the wrong direction for your promotional campaign by alerting you and giving you with the proper set of keywords telling you to do course corrections every now and then as you keep checking the results. This way, you will be able to do necessary alterations in your campaign program based on the outcome as well as the ongoing keyword trends.

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Google Keyword Planner: Basics

Google Keyword Planner is owned by Google, the world’s leading search engine and the use of Google Keyword Planner is to do keyword research. Google Keyword Planner helps to generate keyword ideas to be used for content marketing campaigns and do forecasts for ad campaigns to understand and get an estimate on how many views and clicks to be expected out of an ad campaign. With automation in place, as a Link Building professional you don’t have to physically try to create keyword combinations for your search term. Moreover, it is practically impossible to do such volumes. However, without the technology and software, as a professional you are helpless to know the kind of reasons why a campaign could succeed or not. With Google Keyword Planner it is made possible and your job becomes easy to generate and analyze keywords without getting into trials and tests, and doing the wild goose chase without quantitative results. Check PerfectLinkbuilding, Link Building Services USA for result-oriented promotion.

Need for Analyzing Keywords

The Internet is evolving everyday. The use of search terms for finding content through search results of Google is changing rapidly each passing day. The content marketer needs to be live and attentive to the current trends and topics so that he will be able to promote his content better so that it will be picked by the search engines. Not using the right keywords in your content and having the knowledge about the popularity of the search terms and keywords, you will totally get missed out of the search results. So, you can use Google Keyword Planner to generate voluminous sets of keywords and analyze the popularity of keywords in terms of search volumes and you can improve your SEO efforts and ads performance, and make your Link Building process meaningful and purposeful by getting top ranking results in Google search results. 

Use & Application of Right Keywords

Using the right keywords in the right place helps Google to retrieve your content for the search terms used by the users and this lets the users click through the links in your content thereby helping you reach your Link Building goals. For that, you will have two things primarily. One, you have to generate and select the right keywords that are currently being used by the internet users popularly. Then, you should use different phrases of these keywords so that Google will be able to see the whole cluster of the keyword phrases related to a topic and produce your content on top of its search results. This lets you get views and links for your content. 

Implication on Link Building Process

Understanding this section is very simple. As usage of better keywords puts your web pages in top search positions, they receive more traffic from the right audience. This leads to more link clicks in your content. The increased number of clicks naturally boosts your domain and URL ratings leading to the fulfillment of your Link Building goals and objectives. 

Measuring the Success & Results

You have to measure the success and results of your Link Building process so that you will know where you are in a specific timezone and this helps you to do course correction. If it is so necessary, you can step up the intensity of your content promotion by publishing more and more articles on more and more platforms. This lets you get even more traffic to your web pages and more clicks through them. You can have multiple goals for your Link Building process such as a number of views, number of clicks and number of sales conversions so that by altering your processes you can improve your results and make things work for you. 


Essentially, Google Keyword Planner is an automation tool that helps you to identify and generate keywords phrases that are relevant to the modern day usage in your content for your current and upcoming campaigns with useful data. By properly understanding, using and implementing Google Keyword Planner and the popular keywords, you will be able to get more views and clicks for your content and make your Link Building strategies work better. This way, as your content promotion gets right and content promoted the right way, your brand is positioned the right way.