October 4, 2023

Pierreloti Chelsea

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How to get started with dropshipping ?

The dropshipping business is a business that can be very interesting for all beginners who want to start an internet sales business. It is very easy to set up, and you can already start earning income from the moment you launch your store. 

You just need to find a winning product through search tools like Minea and Dropispy

In this article, we will study the different steps of setting up a profitable dropshipping business. 

1. Find your Niche

First, you must decide what products to sell. It’s easy to make money by choosing a niche that interests you, even if you don’t want to buy all the products.

There are many niches you might be interested in, including home improvement, tools, entertainment, and sports. 

Your choice of niche is completely up to you. You can also use dropispy, minea to search niches with low competition.

2. Analysis of competitors

Once you’ve chosen a niche to focus on, it’s time to identify and compare your competitors. This is possible with Google search and third party tools.

Google allows you to search for products that you want to sell. You can find the first ten results. It will help you learn more about your competition and their marketing strategies, as well as business practices.

Google search is not the only tool you have. You can also use tools like SEMrush or Moz if you need to identify your competition in your niche.

These tools can help you learn more about your rivals, such as their traffic, social media usage, and ad campaigns they have. Knowing your competition makes it easier for you to research their dropshipping process.

3. Find winning products and suppliers

Product search is one of the most important things in the Dropshipping business. There are several product search tools available on the market. 

These tools allow you to save a lot of time and to go faster in your product search. 

Among all these product search tools, I recommend Minea and Dropispy which are, by far, the best product search tools available on the market. 

These tools will allow you to have an even better view of the products that are already sold on the market.  You can easily find your winning product with these tools.

Once you have found your winning product, you can start looking for a supplier

 Here are some considerations to make when you choose your supplier via a platform or directly.

·        Requesting a sample : Dropshippers frequently complain about the low quality of their products. Compare the products you’re interested in selling with other options before signing any contract with a supplier. The answers to these questions will help you make a better choice. 

·        Expertise: What are the supplier’s years of experience in the industry? How does their Net Promoter Score compare to others? How do they rate? Do they allow referrals?

·        Shipping: Many dropshipping companies are located in China. This can lead to delays in your customers receiving their products. Make sure to check the delivery time of each order so your customers won’t have to wait longer than one to two week for their purchase. Dropshipping can have a small margin so it is important that you don’t overcharge your supplier.

4. Creating and optimizing your shop

You have found a niche, established its profitability and located a supplier. You now need to build a physical store for your products.

SHopify is one of the best platforms for dropshipping today.  It already has a premade template of a sales site that you will just import to your shop and make the necessary changes. 

You can also use WooCommerce, which is also a platform that works like Shopify. With one of these platforms, you can create your shop very quickly. 

After selecting a platform to host your online store and setting it up, optimize your website, so customers can find your site on the internet.

You can optimize your shop using various methods such as SEO or copywriting.  Do not hesitate to do A and B tests and choose what works best. 

A conversion optimization strategy is about eliminating friction from the customer’s experience. A conversion optimization strategy might include making your site simpler to use, such as reducing the number or changing buttons colors.

6. Promote Your Store

It is also important to know how to market your dropshipping service. There are so many options for marketing your store via email, paid ads, social media and other channels.

Your store marketing will take effort and time. It could even cost you money. It is well worth the effort to get traffic flowing.

You cannot afford to take people off guard. Promote your store.


Dropshipping allows you to sell online without any prior experience. Automation tools make running a business online easier than ever. Dropispy is a tool that allows you to quickly locate affordable products.

These tools will also allow you to research the strategies of competitors. Our dropshipping guide should inspire you to create an online store.