November 29, 2023

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Top 5 Highest wicket-takers in Asia Cup history

In this article, study the most effective 5 most noteworthy wicket-takers in Asia Cup history. Lasith Malinga with 33 wickets as of now holds the record for many noteworthy wicket-taker in Asia Cup history. We are back to composing articles about the Asia Cup after a concise rest and now we are going to discuss the highest 5 Highest wicket-takers in Asia Cup history accept me there are probably the simplest Bowlers who are on this rundown and that they are absolutely the most elite. Asia Cup may be a notable competition that’s played among the simplest in Asia and following 4 years it’s returning so we should always see which different Bowlers move up this rundown and obtain within the Top 5.

Before i buy to the rundown I should say that composing regarding the Asia Cup is an honor and astounding to expound on a contest that has given us cricket fans tons of extraordinary minutes just like the 100th global hundred for Sachin Tendulkar among numerous others. Thus, with this truckload being said how about we get to the rundown of the highest 5 Highest wicket-takers in Asia Cup history?

Lasith Malinga (33 Wickets)

At #1 on this rundown is sort of possibly of the simplest quick bowler that Sri Lanka has at any point seen which man is Lasith Malinga he’s at the highest with 33 wickets in precisely 15 Matches of the Asia Cup meaning multiple wickets per game. His Asia Cup vocation contact from 2004-2018 and in these 14 years he played 15 Matches and he has taken 3 Five wicket pulls in Asia Cup history which is astounding together with his best figures being 5/34 and je had a standard of 18.80 with an economy of 4.70 and a striking pace of 24.0 which are commendable.

Muttiah Muralitharan (30 Wickets)

At number 2 is probably the simplest twist bowler ever and also the most noteworthy wicket-taker in ODIs is Muttiah Muralitharan he has taken 30 wickets in 24 Asia Cup matches. His Asia Cup vocation was from 1995-2010 and he has taken 1 Five wicket pull in Asia Cup history. His normal was 28.83 alongside an economy of three.75 and a striking pace of 46.0 which is mostly excellent so this application time legend is at number 2 on this rundown. His best figures were 5/31.

Ajantha Mendis (26 Wickets)

At number 3 is that the Bowler when he came on the scene he was the foremost incredible on the world and no-hitter had the choice to play him and he got 26 wickets in Asia Cup in just 8 Matches which is marvelous. His Asia Cup profession was from 2008-2014 and he took 2 Five wicket pulls in Asia Cup history with a standard of 10.42 alongside an economy of three.98 and a striking pace of 15.6. the most effective figures were 6/13.

Saeed Ajmal (25 Wickets)

The fourth bowler on this rundown is that the performer Saeed Ajmal from Pakistan and he’s the foremost noteworthy non-Sri Lankan wicket-taking Bowler in Asia Cup history. Saeed Ajmal played 12 Matches in his Asia Cup profession from 2008-2014 and he had a standard of 19.40 in Asia Cup alongside an economy of 4.21 and a strike of 27.6. His best figures in Asia Cup history are 3/28. Truly outstanding ever to play the Asia Cup.

Shakib Al Hasan (24 Wickets)

The fifth and last Bowler during this rundown is that the best Bangladeshi cricketer who is heretofore continuing forward which is Shakib Al Hasan he’s the sole one on this rundown that’s until now playing cricket at the foremost significant level. He has played 18 Asia Cup Matches till now and he encompasses a normal of 30.41 alongside an economy pace of 5.05 and a striking pace of 36.0. He has been playing Asia Cup from 2010 onwards and his best figures are 4/42. He can move past individuals on this rundown within the forthcoming Asia Cup.