April 18, 2024

Pierreloti Chelsea

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The Way to Exist in the Long run Intelligent Agriculture

the way to exist in the future smart agriculture
the way to exist in the foreseeable future sensible agriculture

One particular quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions arrive from food creation. Aegean exporters, who have been feeding the world with natural creation for 36 many years, attract attention to the climate crisis in Agriculture 7 days celebrated on 11-17 January.

Speaking that the agricultural sector is experiencing its golden age with the pandemic, Aegean Exporters’ Associations Coordinator Vice President and President of the Dried Fruit and Goods Exporters Affiliation Birol Celep introduced that the Aegean Exporters’ Association members’ agricultural exports in 2020 arrived at 4 billion 5 million dollars with an increase of 100 percent.

“In 2020, as the Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters Affiliation, we exported 846 million dollars. The worth-value chain can be expanded by building a good will with the consciousness of natural generation and popular feeling. Combating local climate transform is a race against time and an ethical showdown. Even the slightest energy is vital. We have to be triggers. Several jobs are applied for Natural Agriculture and Superior Farming tactics, seed financial institutions, defense and enlargement of agricultural places, and avoidance of foods waste. Now all people know that they will need to severely mirror on world-wide challenges. We can maximize our brand worth by equipping our products and solutions with improvements that will exist in the upcoming. The “Guard Foods, Guard Your Desk” marketing campaign initiated by our Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli, has mobilized the ecological sensitivity of the culture.

Fewer substances, suitable soil tillage crucial

Hayrettin Uçak, President of the Aegean New Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association, emphasizes the worth of organic and natural output and plant nutrition by saying that foods manufactured with present procedures will result in 80 metric trillion tons of greenhouse fuel emissions in 1,4 decades, in accordance to the research of Journal Science.

“Using much less substances, proper soil remedy will stop 540 billion metric tons of emissions. The pandemic has the moment yet again shown that food is very important. In 2020, we turned an raise report holder with exports of 17 billion 1 million pounds with an enhance of 39 p.c. For several years, we have resolutely resisted shoulder to shoulder in get for the customer to achieve balanced foodstuff, to deliver though preserving organic diversity and to direct our farmers to the suitable manufacturing solutions. As a outcome, our theory, which is not only human-oriented, but also thinks about the entire ecosystem, and defends organic agriculture, emerged. “

Mustafa preferred: We dwell in the lands wherever the world’s ideal top quality food items are grown

Chairman of the Aegean Grain Pulses and Oil Seeds and Products and solutions Exporters Affiliation Mustafa most well-liked, “We exceeded the 2020 million dollar export target we established for 500 and carried our exports to 14 million pounds with an increase of 505 percent. We reside in the lands where the world’s ideal high quality food stuff goods are grown. 75 percent of Turkey’s exports of organic and natural merchandise we are performing. Drought and food items protection are amongst the precedence difficulties we target on and get safeguards. Natural output is a method that starts off from seed. Quite a few assignments are carried out by the state, particularly the ancestor seed. In fact, the whole stage is that we learn how to activate our potential. ” explained.

Synchronization of the whole price chain is possible with digitalization

Saying that they have enhanced their exports by 2020 percent to 4 million pounds in 984, Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products and solutions Exporters Association President Bedri Girit points out that the meals offer chain is liable for 26 % of world wide carbon emissions:

“All phases such as land use, animal feed, farm stage, processing, transportation, packaging and retail influence the method. Agricultural parts have lowered by 18 % in the last 12,3 a long time. Digital agriculture is the only way to enhance the yield per unit place to meet up with the meals need of 7,8 billion people today. It is attainable to generate extra good quality, managed, knowledge-dependent products and solutions in a device area, enhance efficiency, food items safety, synchronization of the full benefit chain, and integration of blockchain technologies. R&D and innovation experiments will provide the option of numerous issues in the sector. “

Davut Er: We have to activate innovation enhancement programs

Davut Er, President of the Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters Union, stated, “In 2020, we attained an export figure of 159 million dollars. Turkey with its huge selection of items in the foods, just one of the fortunate place with terrific prospective. Even though extra than 820 million people today in the earth are combating with hunger on the one particular hand, there is a local climate disaster on the other. We are dealing with the driest wintertime of recent a long time. If we want humanity to have a prospect, we must promote the world wide ecosystem. Ecosystems don’t just absorb carbon, our lives rely on them. We have to be rapidly, imagine rapid, act speedy, not for our earth, but for ourselves. We should catch up with the tempo of time by activating innovation development packages in the agricultural sector. ” he spoke.

Agricultural engineering emphasis

Cahit Doğan Yağcı, Chairman of the Aegean Home furniture Paper and Forest Products and solutions Exporters Association, thinks that a sustainable foodstuff output-intake chain ought to be drawn via R&D and innovation.

“In 2020, we brought 645 million pounds to our country. We strive to get the job done in a superior environment by focusing on the problems we are exposed to, knowledge the dynamics well. If we are not able to stop weather change, we can not make sure food items stability. Each 12 months enough meals is produced to feed the full world inhabitants. Even so, in accordance to the report of the United Nations Globe Food Method (WFP), 11 percent of the planet inhabitants are unable to arrive at foodstuff. 1,3 billion tons of foodstuff is squandered. We should concentrate on Organic Agriculture and Superior Agriculture procedures, agricultural technologies, in quick R&D and innovation, in purchase to avert the two weather and starvation disaster and to aid accessibility to reliable and nutritious foods in the chain from the subject to the fork. “